Plants can completely transform a room into a totally different look and feel. I love the fact that plants are a low-cost decoration that can spruce up any place which is why I wanted to share some awesome houseplant ideas with you guys!

These plants are all super low maintenance which means even if you don’t have a green thumb, it’ll be pretty hard for you to kill these plants!

Quick Note: It may seem obvious not to eat these plants, but juuustt in case, make sure that they’re kept out of reach from small children and pets! Some of these plants can be toxic if consumed. Always make sure upon purchasing your new houseplant to educate yourself on the dangers of the plants if consumed from the location where you purchased your plant from!


Aloe Vera

aloe vera

Found From: The Makerista

I’m sure you have heard of this plant before and probably used it for its health/beauty benefits.
This cute little plant does not need a ton of water at all, in fact too much water will kill it!
All it needs is some bright light and occasional water and that’s it!



jade plant

Found From: Crate and Barrel

A pretty name and also a pretty plant. This plant also produces pretty pink flowers that bloom during the winter!
Because it only requires a little bit of sunlight and doesn’t need a ton of care, it’s the perfect plant that won’t die easily, even if you neglect it!



monstera plant

Found From: CG Traders

Also known as the Monstera houseplant or swiss cheese plant, this one is by far my most favorite!!
I’m sure you’ve seen it in every top bloggers Instagram posts in their pretty white minimal home decor.
This plant doesn’t need a ton of water and only occasional sunlight, again it’s super hard to kill and absolutely converts the room it’s in.




Found From: Ebay

This plant requires infrequent watering, tolerates low light and is a stunning addition to any home.
It’s yet another beautiful plant that is super low maintenance.


Cactus / Succulents

My Own Photo

Also another bunch of plants you’ve probably seen all over Pinterest!
I recently purchased a few succulents and a few cacti and I absolutely love them.
These desert plants are super inexpensive and again, low maintenance.
They don’t need a ton of light and only need to be watered every 2 weeks if that.
They are the littlest plants, but it definitely spruced up my office workspace!


Areca Palm

palm trees

Found From: Fast Growing Trees

Can’t go wrong with a palm tree, it’s perfect for anyone dreaming of a more tropical climate.
This plant can grow tall, but depending on what pot you use, it can grow shorter it’s really your choice!
Only needing to be watered every other week, this plant will turn your home into a tropical oasis, even if you forget to water it!


Whether you’re trying out plants based off of Pinterest inspiration, or you have a green thumb, indoor plants are great for almost anyone.
All of these plants are super low maintenance, so if you’re busy or you easily forget things (like I do!), then you don’t have to worry about killing them.


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