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So my blog launched halfway through December which is also when I got all set up with Pinterest, BoardBooster, Bluehost and Convertkit.
My income report is going to be a reflection on January since December was half a month of getting everything prepared and getting the hang of everything!
This is my first income report and if anyone is unfamiliar with the purpose of one, let me quickly explain!
An income report can come off a bit odd because it’s disclosing someone’s personal financial gain from their blogging experience, but the purpose of posting an income report is solely to encourage other bloggers.
Think about it, if there was no income reports out there, how would anyone know blogging really worked and made anyone money?
I know without a doubt, had I not seen income reports, I would have never made the step to create a blog ever.
Luckily, it’s become a completely normal thing for bloggers to share their income report with their wonderful readers!
Now, I realize other bloggers are ahead of the game then I am for their first month and I also realize that there are other bloggers that have made $0 their first month.
I kindly remind anyone reading this that blogging isn’t a competition, we’re all at different places and going at our own pace.
Sure, I’d love to make a ton more money, but this is my journey with my own experiences.
I hope you enjoy this post and can learn from my mistakes as well as my accomplishments.

Starting A  Blog

Now, the first place I am going to send you is on how exactly I started my very first blog step-by-step.
Even if your not tech savvy, I make the steps as easy as possible for you and refer you to the best places you can get web hosting for as little as $3.95 a month!
No other hosting site offers a FREE domain other then Bluehost, they’re just awesome!

The second post that will be super helpful for you is going to go over how absolutely pertinent it is to have Pinterest and how easy it is to get crazy amounts of traffic to your website (and fast).

Other helpful articles:

How I got 1.7k page views in my first month of blogging

How I grew my email list overnight

7 things you must do Before You Launch Your Blog


Thoughts on January

What didn’t work:

1. Making too many seasonal posts and not enough evergreen posts.
What I mean by evergreen is creating posts that can be applicable throughout the entire year, not just for a particular holiday or season.
It’s good to create 2 or 3 seasonal posts at Christmas for example, however I wish I had created more posts that I could reuse throughout the year.

2. Not creating freebies for my readers right away.
I did not create much incentive for my readers to want to subscribe to, I was just sending out emails about my latest content and that didn’t generate any subscribers for the first bit.
When I finally did create freebies for my readers, I literally went from 0 to 30 within only a couple days!!
If you want to learn how to create your own free stuff for your readers as incentive to subscribe to your email list, then check out this article:
How To Grow Your Email List In Your Sleep

3. Not utilizing Tailwind like I should have.
I’m still getting the hang of Tailwind, the learning curve is a bit more verses boardbooster yet I know the amazing results it produces.
I can’t wait to try it this next month and compare my page views and income then!


What worked:

1. Picmonkey and Canva
These two websites make it super easy to create eye grabbing pins for Pinterest which helped my site gain a lot of exposure.
I use both, because I like certain features from each depending on what kind of pin or design I’m creating!

2. BoardBooster
This is an amazing tool that allows you to literally get all your pins circulating by the click of a few buttons.
You can easily assign which pins go to which group boards allow you to upload your beautiful pins once only and boardbooster does the rest for you!
I’m so glad I got this tool because without it, I’d be sitting for hours uploading aaallll my pins.
Not in a group board? Find out how easy it is here!
Also, if your not in one and your completely new, I started my own group board to help new bloggers connect and learn how to get the hang of it, here!

3. Pinterest
This is an obvious one that worked, as it allows me to upload pins linked to my website, but there are other things I did on Pinterest making it work better for me.
I enabled rich pins and I created a Pinterest business account.
Changing these two things made my Pins look way more professional and reliable for people to click on.
Also, rearranging my entire Pinterest helped the overall look to be more professional as well.
I did lose 100 followers from converting my personal Pinterest to that of a more business type Pinterest but that’s OK.
The first several boards are like a business storefront and now mine looks way more professional.
Definitely had to lose boards like: “Dogs that are cute” and “Clothes I like”.

4. Facebook Groups
Other then Pinterest, this is by far one of the best decisions I ever made. I am SO glad I joined a bunch of group boards.
This worked will because it gave my website so much exposure with the daily threads the groups put on and helped me connect with other bloggers for advice.
Also, it helped me out with all my social media accounts like Instagram and Pinterest.
If your looking for some great Facebook groups to join that aren’t time wasters and that’ll get your website a ton more traffic, sign up to my email list to receive my exclusive list of Facebook groups to join!

Want to start your own blog? I created a free tutorial to show you exactly how to start and set up your blog on a budget (in minutes!)  You can start yours for just $3.95 per month with Bluehost.
Also, if you’re wondering if you actually need hosting or if you could just make money on free blogging sites like Blogger, I’d seriously recommend going with sites like Bluehost.
Free blogging sites can delete your blog at any time. It happened to Michelle from Making Sense of Cents when she first started out.
It’s also the only way to actually start making income too since you’ll only get accepted with advertisement and affiliate companies if you’re hosted. 


Income Sources + How They Work!

Ad Networks

This is one of the easiest ways to make some cash from your blog, oh and it’s free.
You basically sign up for free with an ad company, I use Google Adsense and whenever anyone see’s or clicks on the adds, you will get money.
It’s honestly that simple, you can put your ads wherever you choose on your site, I highly recommend this for everyone starting out.
Another great one is MediaVine, but you need to be getting a ton of page sessions and views in order to be approved by them. They pay way more then Google Adsense, but for the mean time using Google Adsense will help you make passive income and give you a detailed analysis of your viewers, the amount of page views you receive etc.


Being an affiliate of a certain site or product means that when you refer a person through your own unique link ( which is given to you by the company), and they click through, you’ll get a percentage if they buy the product at no extra cost to anyone.

here is a list of affiliates I am with:


Basically, once you sign up to be an Amazon affiliate, you can start referring products (obviously ones you’ve used and like), to your audience in posts.
It’s super simple and a great affiliate program to start out with.
Again, it’s absolutely free to join this affiliate program, so why not!?
I made a super easy tutorial (with pictures of course) on exactly how you can become an Amazon affiliate for free here!

Ultimate Bundles

Now this affiliate program I literally just started but I am already super impressed becasue they offer so many great things about it.
Basically they have amazing products that they allow their affiliates to promote on their blog sites for 90-94% off the original price.
Your readers will love the products and they provide you with tons of FREE marketing tools to help you promote their products.
They also offer 40% commission! That’s definitely one of the highest paying affiliates.
The promotions aren’t just seasonal either, they have evergreen products they allow you to promote all year round.
The products range from parenting tips, cooking recipes, fitness products, blogging resources, photography tools and so much more.
For more information on this amazing affiliate program, please take a moment to read my article where I go into so much more detail here.
Iff your already eager to sign up to sign up to this free affiliate program and get going on making 40% commission, go right ahead here!
If you want to see an example of some of the amazing products they offer, check out this one I wrote:
Conquer Your Clutter For A Cleaner New Year

Those are the only affiliates I have joined within this past month, so I am still super new to them but it doesn’t cost me anything and the potential income is great.
Although I am only affiliated with a couple, I think I’ll stick to this for now. I have read from so many bloggers how chaotic and inefficient it can be by signing up to way too many affiliates.
My suggestion is to not spread your self too thin, try and be very present in a couple programs verses vaguely around for several.
It gives you a higher chance of actually making a sale.


Income Report

Bluehost: $140
This is awesome not only that I made something from it but that some of my readers decided to get Bluehost and I know they’l’l be so satisfied with Bluehost.

Google Adsense: $10
Now, a quick note on Google Adsense, I didn’t get approved right away because I didn’t have any traffic on my website, so I actually just got it going recently, hence why the amount made is so low for this income report.

January Goals

Pinterest followers: 100 | Accomplished: 114 (because I lost over 100 followers redoing my pinterest)
Instagram followers: 200 | Accomplished: 600
Pageviews: 500 | Accomplished: 1.7k  (Find out how I did here)
Facebook Page Likes: 10 | Accomplished: 27 (I made my Facebook Page way later in the game then I should have)

This may be overwhelming and you might not even know where to start, so please feel free to checkout my FREE 10 day blogging coarse!
I talk about how to start a blog to the big launch and everything in between.
My income report wasn’t huge, but it’s my first month and a half!
I’ve learned such valuable information and even looking back less then 2 months ago I can see how far I’ve come.
I’m excited to see where the next month takes me, so if you are still unsure whether to start a blog or not remember that a small price you will pay now will be so worth it down the road.
I keep telling myself that, I didn’t cheap out on anything and I’m glad I utilized all the tools the pro’s are using such as Convertkit, Bluehost and Boardbooster.
Looking back at my life, I wish I had started blogging ages ago because I know I would be so much farther ahead financially.
Start your blog today so your future self will thank your present decisions or else you’ll always wish you had started it yesterday.


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