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In my last two posts I went over how to get tons of page views and how to grow your email list overnight.
If you didn’t get a chance to read those, definitely check those out!
A quick recap on how exactly to get an email list and which company to use:

Using a free email list will generally not provide long term results. The reason for this, is that so many free email platforms aren’t being controlled by a company so they can literally shut down, get a glitch or send your subscribers spam at any given notice.
Michelle from Making Sense Of Cents, talks about that and you can give her a quick google search to see the unfortunate repercussions of not using a legitimate email platform.
If you don’t know who Michelle is, she is the blogging queen who makes over 100k a month, yes monthly, she is an amazing person and I look up to her in so many ways.
She lost all her subscribers she worked so hard to get just by using a free email platform, like Mailchimp. Not trying to put Mailchimp down, but if you want to take blogging beyond just a hobby, the little cost is worth it to have a reliable email platform for both you and your readers.
In my last post, The actual start up cost of blogging , I talk about how with blogging although there are start up costs, it’s worth it.
I made that decision when I transitioned from blogging for a hobby to blogging for real. I realized if I was going to blog seriously, nothing great comes free – except freebies (which I’ll talk about today)
So what kind of email platform is the best tool that almost every blogger uses?
Converkit is by far the easiest and best tool to use as an email platform.
I can honestly say it’s overwhelming just how helpful Convertkit is.
They have video tutorials, you can schedule your emails, they have such a supportive team to help you at anytime, they keep you update (not in an annoying way) with such helpful tools and tips.
The best part is you can specifically choose which content goes to which subscribers which is perfect if some sign up for a workshop, others sign up for a specific post, the rest just want monthly newsletters.
It’s no wonder most bloggers use Convertkit and I am so glad I went with them right away. I have never regretted the cost and I think it is absolutely worth it.
If you want to simplify your life and save the headache of figuring out email stuff, get Converkit and let them do it for you!

Now, for this post I am going to elaborate on one of the points I included in how you can grow your email list!
So again if you have no idea what freebies are, please read my latest post.
This post I will go over step by step how you can provide a freebie(s) for your readers to drastically increase your subscribers list!
Let’s begin!

Creating a Freebies Library

The majority of my subscribers join so that they can gain access my freebies library. When people sign up for my freebies, they automatically receive an email from me that includes the password to access my freebies library. In my freebies library, I offer a a list of useful Facebook groups to join, some printable sheets and much more.

Here’s a preview of my library:

The reason for creating a password, although obvious can be really confusing at first.
You’ll want your library password protected so only those that subscribe get access to it with a password you provide!
If you’re a WordPress user, creating a password protected freebies library is super easy. Here’s how I created mine:


1. Create your freebies.

If you want to create printables, I highly recommend using PicMonkey. They have plenty of templates and awesome effects to help you create your freebies.


Also, make sure you create previews of your freebies so that people can see what the freebie looks like before they download it. Here’s an example of how my previews look:


Recommended Article: how to get tons of page views
and how to grow your email list overnight.

Decide where you want to host your freebies.

You can upload your freebies directly to your WordPress media library, or you can upload them to a third-party site like Dropbox. I use a free Dropbox account to host my freebies.

Upload your freebies to whichever host you choose!


3. Create a new page in WordPress and name it “ The Freebies Library” (or whatever you wanna call it!).


4. Set a password for this page and select “OK.” This is the password you will share with subscribers.


5. Place a welcome message on your freebies page. You can also include the terms of use for your freebies. Here’s what I’ve written on my freebies page:



6. Click below your welcome message and/or terms of use, and select “Add Media.”


7. Click on “Create Gallery.”


8. Upload the “freebies preview images” to your gallery (I mentioned these in step 1!)


9. Once you’ve uploaded your preview images, click on the “Create New Gallery” button.


10. Once your gallery is created, under each image will be a box that says “Caption this image.”
In the caption, you will add an HTML link that will allow subscribers to download your freebie.

In this link, you’ll place the name of the freebie and the direct link for downloading the freebie.
Remember in step 2 when you decided where to host your images? Go to this location and get the direct link for your freebie.
So if you used DropBox, make sure you click “share” and use that link it provides!
The link is going to be placed in the HTML link below where it says “Direct Link to Freebie Here”, place that link in between the quotation marks.
Then the title of your freebie, for example: Free Stock Photos place that where it says >Title of Freebie Here< literally in between those symbols.

Here is the HTML link you’ll use:

<a href="Direct Link to Freebie Here" target="_blank">Title of Freebie Here</a>

Do this for each of your freebies. Here’s a preview of my gallery and where it says “Caption this image” insert that HTML link I provided above:

So in each section where it says “caption this image” it will look like this: <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Get Free Stock Photos</a>
obviously your link is going to appear differently as well as the title of your freebie, but you get the idea hopefully!

Want to make your own photos like my freebie previews? Check out my post, How the pro’s get millions of page views , and learn how you can create amazing pins in under 5 min.
Haven’t started a blog yet? Visit my post here, where I provide step-by-step instructions on how you can start your profitable blog today, I even provide pictures too!

Before you update your gallery, you can rearrange your gallery. You can also take a look at the “Gallery Settings” on the right and choose the image sizes and even how many columns you want to add!

Once you’re finished, click on the “Update Gallery” button.

Next, you can go ahead and publish your freebies page.


12. Create a new page. This is the page you will link to in your navigation menu.

On this page, include a message for how to access your library. Place your opt-in form on this page too.

You also want to make sure you include a link to the password protected freebies page that you just created. This will direct people to the actual freebies library.

Publish this page.

Here’s how mine looks:

subscribe to newfilleosophy

And that’s how I created my freebies library provided free stuff for my readers!
You can do the exact same, feel free to follow along with this post I made!
It’s completely free and I highly recommend this over purchasing a plugin!

If you want to join my mailing list and receive my freebies feel free to subscribe below, I also provide a free 10 day blogging course with exclusive tips to help you!

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Now, if you have any questions or comments please feel free to comment below!

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