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In my last post,How I got 1.7k page views in my first month of blogging, I went over the various ways you can grow your traffic from feeling like it isn’t getting noticed to getting the traffic you deserve.
I didn’t go into too much detail about an email list  because I felt I needed to create a whole separate post for that.
I want to be as detailed as possible to lend some tips that will help you to also grow your traffic literally in your sleep!

Not sure why, but something about having an email list scared me and to be honest, sometimes still does.
The idea of having to create content for people to keep them interested and provide useful tips or resources really intimidated me and because I was, still am, a new blogger; I had no idea what on earth I could possibly provide of use to anyone.
I don’t think there is enough tips or posts out there on what new bloggers are supposed to do for building an email list and if there are, I certainly never came across any!
Building an email list is so important though, probably one of the most important things, yet in my opinion it’s one of the more difficult things.
So, I’m going to go over what I have found through trial and error will help gain you new subscribers and give you some ideas on what the heck to even do!


1. Legit Email Platform

Using a free email list will generally not provide long term results. The reason for this, is that so many free email platforms aren’t being controlled by a company so they can literally shut down, get a glitch or send your subscribers spam at any given notice.
Michelle from Making Sense Of Cents, talks about that and you can give her a quick google search to see the unfortunate repercussions of not using a legitimate email platform.
If you don’t know who Michelle is, she is the blogging queen who makes over 100k a month, yes monthly, she is an amazing person and I look up to her in so many ways.
She lost all her subscribers she worked so hard to get just by using a free email platform, like Mailchimp. Not trying to put Mailchimp down, but if you want to take blogging beyond just a hobby, the little cost is worth it to have a reliable email platform for both you and your readers.
In my last post, The actual start up cost of blogging , I talk about how with blogging although there are start up costs, it’s worth it.
I made that decision when I transitioned from blogging for a hobby to blogging for real. I realized if I was going to blog seriously, nothing great comes free – except freebies (which I’ll talk about today)
So what kind of email platform is the best tool that almost every blogger uses?
Converkit is by far the easiest and best tool to use as an email platform.
I can honestly say it’s overwhelming just how helpful Convertkit is.
They have video tutorials, you can schedule your emails, they have such a supportive team to help you at anytime, they keep you update (not in an annoying way) with such helpful tools and tips.
The best part is you can specifically choose which content goes to which subscribers which is perfect if some sign up for a workshop, others sign up for a specific post, the rest just want monthly newsletters.
It’s no wonder most bloggers use Convertkit and I am so glad I went with them right away. I have never regretted the cost and I think it is absolutely worth it.
If you want to simplify your life and save the headache of figuring out email stuff, get Converkit and let them do it for you!you!


2. Offer Freebies

Again, I didn’t really know about freebies, let alone what they even were until recently and then it all clicked.
The best way to keep your readers engaged and subscribed is to offer them something of use, something free.
Who doesn’t like free stuff anyway!?
There are tons of different ideas you can use to offer something of value to your readers like:
• Free stock photos
• Facebook groups to join
• a little course you made up
• worksheets or printables
the ideas are endless which is great, but it also means it’s a lot of competition.
I don’t say that to discourage anyone, but it is a reality!
Your going to have to come up with something that someone either hasn’t already or use someones idea and implement some of your own ideas.
You want to provide a solution to a problem for example, I provided a printable for bloggers to organize all of their Facebook groups posting info.
This makes it easier on bloggers to organize which days are for what posts, for example: Mondays = blog post days, Tuesdays = social media share day and so on.
I wanted to give my readers something of  value to make their life easier.
Normally I talk about using Picmonkey to create all of my pins, but I would recommend Canva to create printables because of some different features Canva provides, it’ll make it easier on you!
So, I began to come up with a few more ideas offering it to my subscribers and it literally grew my email list overnight.
It may be super obvious to some, but for anyone that was like me, I literally was completely stumped on how on earth I was supposed to entice readers to subscribe to my stuff and I didn’t even know what stuff I was supposed to provide.
So jot down some ideas on some things you can provide your wonderful readers or soon to be readers with !
I guarantee you will see a drastic change in your traffic.

Don’t know how to make freebies? Read my step-by-step tutorial on exactly how you can create your freebies library today and watch your email list grow!

3. Get The Word Out

Remember in my last post, How I got 1.7k page views in my first month of blogging , and even my other one , Why Pinterest should be your bestfriend , how I talk about the importance of Pinterest?
If you haven’t read those posts I strongly recommend you do to get some insight on why Pinterest needs to be your best friend right now!
So once I realized what I was supposed to provide for my potential readers, I was stumped on how to get the word out.
Most times when you create a blog post, if your email opt in form is on your home page, readers will probably never actually read it.
I’m not saying you need to put an email land in page on every blog post, but for what is relevant I definitely would!
It’s funny that I was creating pins and getting the word out on my blog posts, yet I had no idea how to let everyone know what amazing resources I was providing.
Then I had another “aha!” moment when I realized I could just simply create pins to advertise my free resources (duh, haha).
To my defense, blogging can be extremely overwhelming, there is so much to remember and learn that you simply can’t learn it all within a week.
Here is an example of a pin I made to get the word out of my free stuff I was offering:

Want to make your own pins like this? Check out my post, How the pro’s get millions of page views , and learn how you can create amazing pins in under 5 min.
Haven’t started a blog yet? Visit my post here, where I provide step-by-step instructions on how you can start your profitable blog today, I even provide pictures too!

4. Create A Challenge

Another way you could increase your traffic is by offering something more then just some fun freebies.
If you have the finances to do it, you could offer an intensive to join your email list.
A way you could do that is maybe give out questions in your emails and the first person to email you back with the correct answers you will provide them with a 25$ e-giftcard to Amazon that you can send them via email.
Also in the emails you can encourage the readers to keep on reading, even if they didn’t win in order to learn some exclusive tips or gain whatever it is your offering.
Personally, I have not done this method, but I have read that other bloggers have and I am merely suggesting a different way you can swiftly increase your traffic.
It’s great if your readers hang on and utilize the great stuff your providing, especially if you promise to offer an e-giftcard again down the road.
Some may argue this method is tacky, but it’s all a matter of your own personal choice !


5. It’s Where You Put It

I touched on this earlier, but I will elaborate more in this point.
Not everyone that visits your blog post will actually see your email opt in forms.
This means, your going to want to make sure you place your email opt in forms in various parts of your blog.
So putting the sign up forms on your header on the home page and on the side of your home page won’t be a enough.
Find relevant blog posts where you can place your sign up form and make sure you mention the email sign up forms throughout your posts!
Now pop ups are again a matter of preference, a lot of bloggers swear by it and others are super against it.
It’s all a matter of what your comfortable with. I personally am not into putting pop ups on my website yet, maybe down the road, for now I don’t want my readers to be slammed with email sign up form before they even got a chance to know me or read my stuff.
However, if you create enough buzz with an irresistible freebie, I’m sure no one will mind your pop ups.
Again, it’s a matter of choice, but don’t be afraid to place your sign up forms throughout your entire website because it’s most likely no one is even seeing it!


6. Don’t Be Afraid

Last but certainly not least, I want to encourage everyone to not let fear deter you from accomplishing your goals!
With Convertkit, it actually tells you so many awesome analytics but they can also be scary if your a wussy like me!
It’s actually able to provide you with information from how many times someone clicks on your email opt in to how many people subscribed and so forth.
I don’t know why but for the longest time I was so scared about how many clicks I got versus the amount of actual subscribers I had and it made me sad inside.
I was taking everything so personally and I would avoid email list building all together, yet I knew it was one of the most important factors to building a good blogging rapport.
Your email subscribers are the people that are leading the way with your blog traffic because they are keeping up with all your latest and they’re the ones who will tell others about all your amazing content.
Email list building is so important yet it can be one of the most terrifying things which is why I encourage you to not take it personally but see your stats as an opportunity to grow.
A blog is a business after all, so start treating it like one!
This means your going to have to analyze your stats and come up with solutions rather then a time to feel down on yourself.
Take your small email list disappointments and decide today what awesome stuff you can create for others.
If that idea doesn’t work, try again.
Almost every blogger has to start somewhere and the first email freebie or incentive they offer didn’t suddenly get them thousands of followers, no.
It takes time, diligence, research, trial and error as well as courage.
So be encouraged my friend and create your awesome freebies and get the word out with some awesome pins!

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Now, if you have any tips to add, questions or comments, please feel free to comment below!








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