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Maybe you’ve been contemplating blogging because your skeptical, well I was too.
If I hadn’t stumbled upon a couple bloggers websites, I honestly don’t think I would have made the decision to take blogging seriously.
Sure I wrote as a hobby, but I’d never invest anything into it had I not seen actual proof of the financial benefits of blogging.
It might seem a bit odd to post my page views, but I think it makes me more accountable, it gives others either a goal to work towards or encourages a blogger who’s received more views that their doing something right and I think without bloggers sharing either their page views, income reports or personal information, how would anyone truly believe that blogging really can be profitable?
Now 1.7k views isn’t a huge amount for earning anything as far as Google Adsense goes (which I will get into eventually) but it’s enough that has helped me grow my online presence drastically which has helped me as far as affiliates go ( I will also get into that later on).
It’s also enough that has surpassed all of my first month blogging goals (my page view goal was 500 if I was lucky) which is what I really thought was more then I would get.
I think it’s good not to compare ourselves as bloggers, everyone is on their own journey, for me this was a huge accomplishment seeing these results at the end of my first month.
Here’s how in my first month of blogging I got 1.7 page views in my first month of blogging.

Are you blogless and really contemplating taking the big leap and creating your first ever profitable blo?
If your interested in starting your blog but don’t know where to start, please go here, where you will learn how to make a blog in just 30 min or less.
I give step-by-step instructions with pictures to help make the process so much easier on you!

1.  Content

I’m sure you’ve heard this before and if you haven’t I’m sorry for the rude awakening, but not everyone wants to read about how amazing your dog is (although, mine really is amazing haha).
That being said, it’s so important what you actually write about.
You gotta write about things that people want to know about and what you’d want to read about as well.
Cooking tips, fitness tricks, home decor and cleaning hacks are all great topics to write on.
If your not into lifestyle blogging, once you find your niche you will discover what you enjoy writing about (because it shows if you don’t enjoy it) and you’ll figure out what attracts readers.
I wrote so many different topics, eventually narrowing down the subjects in which my lifestyle blog would cover.
If your like me and like writing about more personal topics, you can definitely create a section for that.
However you gotta remind yourself not everyone needs help on how to maintain healthy mental wellness tips or learn how to set boundaries in relationships.
Although great topics, make sure you broaden your range if your not getting enough page views.
The titles is another part of the content. Using eye grabbing topics will really help attract viewers to your site.
For example, if I titled a blog post, “5 ways to use my Nikon camera”, kinda sounds boring doesn’t it?
I’m sure some people would click on it, but not enough if that makes sense.
However if I titled my post as “5 exciting ways I learned to take amazing photos with my Nikon camera”, makes it sound a lot more interesting hey?!
It gives a sense of urgency and excitement to the reader, making them genuinely interested to know those camera tips!
(p.s, I do have a Nikon, but have not completely tackled how to use it, so maybe that’ll be an actual post one day! For now, I battle the manual.)
Of course, make sure your being honest in your posts, don’t over exaggerate because that could be causing you to run into some legal issues if you falsely claim certain results in your post.
For example, “This drink will make you lose 5 pounds in literally a day!” sounds super exciting, I’m sure you’d get a lot of clicks, but if that information in the title is a distortion of the truth, then that’s not really a good thing is it!
I talk more about the legalities of blogging here.

The take away: keep your blog post titles exciting yet true and make sure to pack your posts full of helpful content that will benefit your readers more then yourself.

2. Legit site

A) I cannot stress enough is to make sure you get a website host (hosting is like renting a place on the internet to put your site out there).
This means you should not create a free blog.
I had a blog originally with Wix, there’s a lot of mixed opinions out there, however my point in mentioning the site is that I actually really liked the website to create my blog. However, despite it being great for a hobby, it is not great for creating a profitable website. I talk about this in my article What NOT To Do When Starting A Blog but basically, it will not drive in traffic, please feel free to read my article if you want more details as to why it isn’t a good idea.
So sign up for a hosting site like Bluehost which is $3.95/month, that’s the cost of one less Starbucks drink you get, for locking down that perfect domain name you want. The other thing I love about having a hosting site is that there is so much customer support help. In my first month of blogging I can’t count how many times I called, was listened to and received such great help. I love knowing that my site will never be taken down randomly for no reason and that I have professional help walking me through the entire way!
Just google search all the horror stories of how many people lost out on their content, had glitchy websites, gave readers trouble navigating and caused so much headache just from using a free site.
B) With a free site your really on your own, so without any help from someone who has a tech background, your kinda on your own, which can be scary when you first start out.
The other great thing about having a web host, like Bluehost, is that you can add cool things like the Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook widgets you see on my home page.
It gives people a chance to connect with you, where as most free websites don’t allow you to add neat things like that and if they do, it’ll cost you more then just having a legitimate website.
C) Another reason to get hosted is that you appear way more professional versus having a free website. It’s not to offend anyone with a free site, but the reality is undeniable with just how many visual options you have with a platform like WordPress and Bluehost.
It captivates readers and gives off the vibe your a pro (even if your not..yet).
I honestly can say I don’t think I would have had so many page views had I had a free account, in fact as I said, I did.
I had a Wix account for about a year and got literally 10 views, that’s unacceptable if you plan to make money off a blog, which I wanted to but obviously was not serious enough at the time.
It’s scary paying the money, but it is so worth it, seeing my page views literally gave me butterflies, I used to see those pins claiming “So and so got thousands of page views”. Now I am one of them with a website I can be proud of and so can you!

The take away: I think free sites are for people that blog for a hobby, which is great, I did it too.
I fully believe using a web host, paying that little money is so worth it and becomes more then a hobby, but your business.


3. Affiliates

If your not sure what affiliates are, they are sites that pay you for clicks or purchases on their ads that they put on your site.
Google Adsense is one of the most popular and easily attainable add sites for new bloggers, it’s Google’s ad service.
They will display ads on your site as I mentioned, when those ads are on your blog, you will start to gain income from them.
I heard Adsense is picky about who they accept, I have also heard it can be quite easy, I know it can sound scary and intimidating at first. Knowing a company is going to review your site to see if it’s basically legitimate enough to place their ads, sounds intense.
However, if your site looks legitimate, again this is why I stress do not go with a free blogging website, the site theme is visually appealing then you won’t have any problems.
As long as your site does not look like you just started a random blog, threw a few posts up, barely tend to your site and don’t seem actively present on your blog, then your ok!
So again, create tons of content so you can show Adsense that real traffic will be seeing their ads.
The best part is the payout, Google Adsense pays well and that’s why getting traffic is so important!
I’m so glad I signed up with Adsense, if your a blogger and don’t have it, you definitely want to sign up!
It’s how I can have amazing analytical detail on how many clicks my posts get, how many visits I get on my blog daily and any detail you could want, is on there!

There are a couple more affiliates that aren’t as passive as Google Adsense, however they require very little work.
Amazon and the Ultimate Bundles affiliates are awesome ways you can earn a little extra on your blog site.
It would take up so much space to go into the details in this blog post, but if you click on the links you will be taken to my posts where I go into some serious detail on these two affiliates.
It’s your choice how many affiliate programs you want to join, too many can become super overwhelming and you have to be careful that your blog doesn’t turn into one big sales pitch.
It’s good to have some things on your site that actually provide people with helpful items but not plastered everywhere, unless that’s going to be your niche.
You definitely want to earn your readers trust though before having a montage of things for sale everywhere if that makes sense.
Amazon is so well known, people are constantly purchasing items off there, so your sure to sell at least one thing within your first month or two of blogging I guarantee!
Ultimate Bundles pays you almost %50 commission, these posts take a little more work but with a commission like that, it’s definitely worth it.
What I love about the Ultimate Bundles is that they provide you with free marketing, great resources and so many more great things you can read about on my blog post.
Both these affiliate programs do not require anything from you to sign up other then your email, seriously that is it.
You don’t have to wait to get approved and you do not have to pay to sign up which to me, is amazing. I hate sign up fees (who doesn’t?)

The take away: Google Adsense pays you just to bring readers onto your own site (which you wanna do anyways) it’s really a no brainer to sign up with them if you haven’t!
Amazon and Ultimate Bundles offer great commission that are easy sells because the products are amazing.


4. Pinterest

Pinterest seriously needs to be your best friend right now, that is my main source of driving traffic to my site!
So you probably already have a Pinterest account, if not now is a great time to create one!
You’ll want to create a professional looking Pinterest account, if you already have an account, you’ll need to start rearranging your boards to look professional.
Sign up to make your Pinterest a business account which will allow you to create “Rich pins” giving your pins a more professional appearance.
The first 14 boards are like your “store front”, it shows what your all about, so those old random boards like “Sally’s Baby Shower Ideas” shouldn’t be at the top.
I wouldn’t recommend deleting any boards either though, even if you have 3 followers on that board, you will lose those. Every follower counts.
So start reorganizing your Pinterest account, start rewording the titles of your boards to simple titles like: “Blogging” instead of “Destination:Passion” so that it is easier for people to find your boards.
Now I went ahead, totally reorganizing my Pinterest to appear a lot more professional and helpful to those who drop by my profile.
Although seeming professional is important, that’s just one part, the next part is super important.
B) You definitely want to make sure your pins you create are just as amazing as your blog posts to get them saved onto boards and have people click on those pins.
If you don’t have any graphic design or Photoshop skills, worry no more.
If you use Pic Monkey you can easily create beautiful looking pins for as little as $5 a month, again, just skip out on a coffee in order to create amazing pins.
It also has the perfect dimension pins ready for you which is awesome so you don’t have to figure out what resolution will fit into Pinterest! (thank goodness)
Also if your looking for copy write free stock photos for your pins, head over to my post here for some great websites that offer tons of beautiful photos, perfect for your pins and blog posts!
C) Join group boards, it’s plain and simple. I know for a fact had I not joined group boards I would not have gotten the page views I had.
Joining even a couple of group boards exposes your sites content by so much.
Don’t be intimidated, just find group boards to join, be polite and ask them to join.
Make sure to promise to abide by the group rules and repin other peoples pins because what goes around comes around!
If you visit my Pinterest, scroll to the bottom of my page where you can see the group boards I am a part of, feel free to hop into those and contact the admins to request to join!
D) BoardBooster is going to be your life savor if you don’t have it already.
It basically pins your pins for you on Pinterest
So yeah you don’t have to go through all your group boards and repin eeevverrryything constantly, nope!!
What I do is I create a board that’s called “Best of New Filleosophy – Lifestyle Posts” and “Best of New Filleosophy – Blog Posts” where I upload all my pins into those boards, so when I join a new group board I assign the BoardBooster scheduler feature to circulate the pins in those boards which disperses them throughout my group boards.
Wow that was a sentence full, but hopefully you get the point!
Tailwind is another amazing tool, I actually haven’t gotten super into tailwind, I know it blasts a bloggers page views x3 and I could have had so many more page views with it, however I believe in only taking on what you can handle.
This months goal for me is to utilize this tool more and I can’t wait to see the results with tailwinds.
The coolest thing is that I got this many page views just by using boardbooster, that speaks for just how easy it is to get traffic!
The reason I made two separate boards, which I don’t hear a lot of bloggers talking about is because some group boards will only allow posts related to blogging only.
Others will allow you to post anything and the rest will only ask you to post lifestyle type pins.
So I created two boards to make it easy for me so that I know which board I want to assign to the new group board I join!

The take away: make your Pinterest professional, sign up to as many group boards as possible and sign up for an automatic pin tool


5. Facebook Groups

My first month of blogging, I did not utilize Facebook, mainly because I don’t enjoy using it at all.
However, whether you like social media or not, the truth is your gonna have to use it sooner or later and boy is it worth it.
After a week I was accepted in 6 Facebook groups where I literally exposed myself to even more readers and potential email subscribers.
The awesome thing about Facebook groups that I didn’t’ know about, was that there are certain days for different groups that are allocated to helping you out in some way.
For example, some groups have Mondays as “share your blog day”, Tuesdays as “share your latest pin day”, Wednesdays “Blog feedback day” and so on.
I literally did not know this and I want everyone to know how awesome Facebook groups are.
You do have to be careful though, some groups can be time wasters and are not monitored well.
the problem with this is that if there is no moderator, no one’s pins are getting repined, your blog posts won’t get comments, nobody is participating and they are all basically just dropping their content then running.
That’s not going to help anyone.
If your overwhelmed and looking for legit groups to join, if you join my email list I provide my little “secret” stash of Facebook groups to join.
Not only that, I also provide a printable sheet so you can organize which days are for what type of posts so you can be better prepared and organized!
Also, it’s a great hangout for other bloggers in all different walks of their blogging journey so what better place to get advice, give advice, learn and share then a group dedicated for bloggers only.

The take away: not all Facebook groups will be helpful, but the smaller percentage that are helpful are seriously worth it to improve your blog in so many ways.


6. Instagram

Most people have a personal Instagram account, make sure to create one for your blog!
It’s a great place to share tons of your blog posts by putting your latest blog posts in your bio link.
Some bloggers can get away with not using Instagram, but if your just starting out, you’ll want all the help you can get!
Post colorful, exciting and pretty photos to share.
It’s another free platform to share your latest work!
Instagram, Twitter and other forms of social media such as those are more secondary social media that you don’t have to put all your energy towards which is nice because the little effort you put in adds on to your online presence by so much.

The take away: Make sure to be present on all social media platforms but only invest your energy in a couple such as Pinterest and Facebook.


7. Offer something free

Having a great email list like convertkit is another part in how I got all my page views for the first month of blogging, but I think I am going to make a whole separate post on this because it’s so important, in depth and I haven’t written much about it.
I learned so much in this short time and want to provide some of my failures and accomplishments, so that’ll be in another post coming soon!
I will quickly say though, that using anything that isn’t paid for will not benefit you in the long run.
Using something like mailchimp (which I had) can actually negatively impact your blog so much.
Again, google search some of the top bloggers out there like Michelle from Making Sense of Cents who ended up losing her entire email list because she wasn’t using a legitimate and professional email platform like Convertkit.
Imagine you finally got all those subscribers, you created great content then one day it was all gone, just like that?
I would cry and I admit I would be tempted to give up.
How would you even begin to recover all of those contacts?
No, I rather safely have my content baked up.

I go into a ton more detail in regards to building an  email list here, where I break down exactly how you can grow your email list!
I go into  a ton more detail on exactly how you can create freebies (free stuff your readers will actually want) here.

The take away: another blogging element that is definitely worth it to pay a little extra.


I hope you enjoyed this post as much I enjoyed writing it and that it encouraged you.
I want you to know that it is possible to get a steady amount of traffic and to gain tons of readers to your site.
It’s scary and confusing at first, but I’m only entering into my 2nd month of blogging and I’m so excited to see what the future holds.
My biggest tip is to not compare yourself, my “celebrity bloggers” definitely got more page views then me by this time in their blogging career, but that’s OK.
Everyone is on their own journey and at a different pace.
People pick up speed at different times and slow down in others, so don’t beat yourself up if you feel like your not “doing as good as others”.
Take it as an opportunity to learn what you could improve, which is why joining Facebook groups is awesome for those feedback days.

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