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Please note: These credits are based on the current prices from Airbnb and the US exchange rate on this date the post was written.

It’s a new year filled with ample of opportunities to plan your next perfect holiday or finally take that little getaway you always dreamed of!
You probably heard of Airbnb and if you haven’t, you definitely should check them out.
It’s safe, reliable and provides great opportunities for both guests and hosts.
They offer endless amounts of places you can stay for super cheap all around the world.
They also offer great opportunities for those who have homes that are willing and able to host guests.
So whether your wanting to stay for a longer term or just for a night, sometimes staying in a cozy home beats a motel!
Anyways, if you have an account with Airbnb, did you know that if you refer friends, family or anybody to create an account on their site, not only do they receive a credit but you do as well?
You can earn up to $20 CAD and $15.94 USD each time somebody signs up which can be used for your next trip.
I honestly didn’t know for the longest time when I first signed up.
It’s just another great incentive Airbnb has to offer everyone!
I’m so glad I found out a year ago, because it’s such a great deal for you and the person your signing up!
So, if your wanting to get that $45 CAD or $35.86 USD credit, then click here to sign up!
If your going on a trip anyways, may as well get a discount by clicking through my link.
You can do the very same, once you sign up you will be given a special link which you can provide to your friends, family and/or readers too!

Important: If you want the credit, yet already have an account, you cannot get the credit I am offering unless you try one of these suggestions.

1. Sign up using a different email. If you have more than one email address, click this link, and sign up again. Fresh start = $45 CAD.

2. Sign up using a friend or family member’s email – especially if you plan to travel with that person.

3. Add a ‘dot’. If you have a Gmail account, you will receive people’s emails whether you include a dot or not.
Example: airbnbcoupon@gmail & are essentially the same thing to Gmail. HOWEVER, the Airbnb website would recognize them as two separate accounts.

4. Create a new email. If you don’t have a second email, then you’ll need to create one. Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail are all acceptable emails to choose from.

Important: Just be sure to delete your original account, as you shouldn’t have two accounts under the same name.
In fact, a lot of the time Airbnb will set limitations for that secondary email you make, so it’s good to just get rid of the first one all together.
I encourage everyone to be ethically honest, and just get the credit for one sign up per human.
I do not condone signing up for more then one and receiving an unfair amount of credits.
The purpose of this post was solely to offer my readers a discount on their next trip and offer ways they can earn travel credits for themselves.


Planning your next trip is easy when you have a discount on your side, where will your next trip be?



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