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I love anything that makes my life easier, I mean, who doesn’t?
When it comes to cooking and baking, things can get tricky, luckily there are super helpful charts and seriously life changing hacks that will save you the time and the headache.
Enjoy these wonderful charts I’ve collected from some amazing cooking blogs that I love.
Feel free to print these out too!

1. Math Help!!

how to cut your recipes in half

This chart is so helpful for all of us that can’t quickly do this kind of math in the moment!

From: heandsheetclean


2. How Old Is Too Old?

how long are vegetables good for

This handy chart will help you know how long you have until you’ll need to put any unused ones in the fridge and freezer!

From: Thrillist


3. The Perfect Cookie

ultimate cookie baking guide

Who doesn’t love a perfectly soft, slightly crunchy, melt in your mouth cookie?
This chart is great for people like me, where baking is not your forte.

From: Handle The Heat


4. Sunny Side Up

egg boil hack

For those who love a great boiled egg,
here’s a chart to help you assess how long you’ll want to boil your egg!

From: Greatist

5. Conversion Safer!

converion chart!

Ahh, again for people like me who aren’t the quickest on their toes with math,
this chart is super helpful for all those baking measurements!

From: Java Cupcake


6. Tricky Terms

chef lingo

You’ll be a cooking connoisseur in no time with this chef lingo chart!

From: Stylecaster


7. Rice, Oats, Quinoa, – Oh My!

how to cook grains

I love cooking and I’d say I’m decent at it, but  cooking grains can be be tricky.
I find grains to be quite picky in terms of how long you must cook it for and what the temperature should be!
This handy chart takes the stress off, I love it for that reason.
Also, if your like me and your not the greatest at cooking grains (not sure why that’s the one thing I can’t seem to get right) then you need to definitely get yourself a Rice Cooker !
They make cooking grains a breeze, I’d seriously recommend getting one. It’s a definite cooking game changer.

From: Pop Sugar


8. Baking Subs!

baking substitution hacks

Ran out of that one ingredient or forgot to pick up that one thing from the grocery store?
Worry no more, this chart provides tons of substitution solutions to save you that extra trip!

From: Ereplacement Parts


9. It’s Okay To Cheat In This Case..

meat cooking hacks and cheet sheet

This picture is pretty self explanatory, for all you meat lovers, this is your cooking lifesaver!

From: Everest


10. The Queen Of All Hacks

50 cooking hacks you need

Yet another self explanatory chart. This one is by far my favorite, I love all the tips and cooking hacks it provides. Definitely something you want to print out and have on hand in your kitchen!

From: Fine Dining Lovers

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cooking hacks you need


I hope you loved reading about all the different cooking and baking hacks that will save you time and sanity in the kitchen!

Now, what charts are you going to print out and use?

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