It’s a new year and maybe you’ve been thinking about redecorating!
Or perhaps you have been for a while but been putting it off due to finances.
I totally get it, I’m in the same boat.
I came across some ideas recently that helped inspire me to redecorate!
The goal here is to create a cozy environment in the home you love, without draining your wallet!
Enjoy these 9 simple, yet effective ways for sprucing up your home!

1. Like Magic

Photo From: CherishedBliss

Your going to hear me mention IKEA a lot throughout this article,
I know they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but hey it does save tons of money!
For example, you can get $10 ceiling high curtains at IKEA and it will instantly make any room appear to be way bigger then before!


2. Greenery

Putting any sort of greenery in the home will instantly complete a room.
Even if the flowers are fake, the appearance of greenery with maybe a splash of color will do wonders in any room.
Again, you can save money by picking your own flowers and gathering your own greenery.?
Dollar stores sell cute fake plant arrangements and IKEA has real greenery and flowers for less.


3. Create an Illusion

Area rugs are tricksters because upon placing one in your home,
it instantly makes the room look so much larger and put together too!
You can find decently priced area rugs at IKEA that aren’t ridiculously expensive.


4. Seeing Double

Photo from: CherishedBliss

I love this idea. Frame your existing mirror or replace your frameless mirror with a store bought framed one!
It can make your entire bathroom or bedroom look more expensive at a low cost.


5. Just Like New

Photo from: CherishedBliss
By replacing polyester batting for down inserts in throw pillows, sofas and bed decor take on a luxurious feel.
To keep the cost down, just buy new covers instead of an entire pillow to change out throughout the seasons.
Covers don’t have to be expensive, you can buy them for as little as $5.
I love the idea of being able to reuse different covers for different times of the year, definite money saving tips!

6. Less Is More

Minimalist decor themes are super in right now. So not only will your new home look up to date, but you’ll save a ton as well.
The nice thing about minimalist decor is that really the less, the better!
For example a book shelf, get a nice clean white one, place your books and a few book ends.
The shelf doesn’t need to be a landing pad for all your trinkets, ornaments and toys.
To be quite frank, overtime it starts to accumulate and look like clutter. I’m saying this on behalf of myself too, being guilty of this very thing!
I wrote a great article on conquering the ever so powerful “clutter” plague that gets all of us here.
So if your interested in downsizing this year, your well on your way to a more minimal look which in turn appears to be more expensive

7. Go Bold Or Go Home

It’s always a great idea to have some sort of focal point in your home, or two!
Usually in the living room and the bedroom are great areas to have a focal point!
Getting a large photo and placing it behind the couch or above your bed, brings attention to that part of the room.
It makes the room look important, taken care of and more upscale.
Getting large photos doesn’t have to be expensive, again with IKEA, you really can get tons of enlarged photos for less.
Also another great idea, get some photos of your own printed at a local drug store that provides printing services.
Sometimes you can find coupons in newspapers, deals around holidays or sometimes they offer bundle deals if your making a bunch of prints at once!


8. The Element Of Surprise

Okay, this little trick is going to blow your mind if you haven’t heard of it already!
You know those IKEA wood tops you can buy for desks?
It literally looks like a slab of wood because it’s use to combine with other desk parts to create your ideal desk.
Get a couple of those and use them as a headboard for your bed.
If they are lower then your bed, consider ditching that extra mattress or getting rid of the legs on your bed if possible.
It’s just such an easy and inexpensive way to get a headboard.
Headboards make not only your bed, but the entire bedroom look more sophisticated.


9. The magic number is 9

Photo from: Making Home Base

I’m sure you may have seen this before, but creating a picture wall display will make that wall appear to be way taller.
9 is a great amount of pictures to have, of course depending on the length of your existing wall.
However, feel free to try a wall of 6 or 12 and see what that does for the room!
It’s a great way to display pictures of your loved ones and even your pets!


10. A splash of paint

Giving your cabinets a fresh coat of paint like for example, painting them white, gives them a totally new look and feel.
White is timeless in my opinion and it goes with the minimalist look.


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What inexpensive home decor ideas do you have that will make any room look expensive!?


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