I know a lot of my posts are all about ringing in the new year, but it is exciting!
It’s exciting because it’s a new year to make a fresh start, accomplish new goals, explore somewhere new, do something different and so on.
For the month of January why not try something new with your significant other by doing a little recharge!
Not only will it give you something to look forward to, but it also “forces” you into doing that specific task allow you both to connect intentionally.
No matter your budget or where you live, these inexpensive little date ideas will get you connecting in no time without the stress of overspending.
So for all those times you rather cozy up and watch Netflix, try something new!

Day 1

Cook and eat a meal together!

Day 2

Each write out your favorite memory to one another and share it!

Day 3

Play a game together whether it be a video game, board game or card game

Day 4

Get a white board and each put your goals on the board

Day 5

Recreate your first date together!

Day 6

Do something together you’ve both never done before

Day 7

Review the week together all the pro’s and the con’s

Day 8

Ask what you can do for your spouse that day

Day 9

Exchange appreciations

Day 10

Have a no phone evening

Day 11

Share one of your biggest fears to one another

Day 12

Have a date night

Day 13

Surprise your partner with a gift

Day 14

Set an intention for the week

Day 15

Share a value from your family you don’t want to repeat

Day 16

Go on a walk together

Day 17

Write a love letter to one another

Day 18

Do an acts of service for your partner like a chore

Day 19

Listen to a relationship podcast together

Day 20

Share a value from your family you do want to repeat

Day 21

Meditate or pray together

Day 22

Practice listening more

Day 23

Give your partner a massage!

Day 24

Compliment your significant other

Day 25

Hold hands

Day 26

Do something relaxing together

Day 27

Reminisce on old photos

Day 28

Create a family mission statement

Day 29

Share your dream life with your partner

Day 30

Re-read or even renew vows


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