More then just a body detox, I think every woman can take intentional steps to becoming the unique and strong woman she’s supposed to be.
As the new year is swiftly approaching, I made a list of things we can get hung up on and I invite you to choose these new habits that invite your soul to flourish in!
No matter what age you are, I think any woman can take these ideas and implement them into your life in the upcoming year!

1. Forgive someone you haven’t

I believe that withholding forgiveness gives us a very false sense of power. Power mixed with pride is a horrible recipe!
Whether your a believer not, I think everyone can agree that withholding forgiveness doesn’t give a long lasting feeling of peace. It doesn’t benefit anybody and it certainly doesn’t teach “that person a lesson”. Try to choose a person that you haven’t really forgiven or have ill thoughts towards and make it a goal to forgive them by finding even just one little thing about them you can appreciate.
It sounds cheesy, but it will set you free of so much bitterness and give you peace.

2. Replace fear with courage

Were all scared of some things, most are legitimate things we fear in order to protect ourselves and be safe.
There are other fears that are irrational and hold us back.
So whether it be having a fear of failure so you don’t go back to school, not going on a vacation because your scared of diseases, not making friends because you’ve been hurt before or not going on a rollarcoaster because of a fear of heights let this year be the year you choose one of your irrational fears and trade it for courage.
Challenge yourself to do something you’ve never done before.
Life isn’t meant to hide and not be the best version of yourself.
I challenged myself this year to get over my irrational fear with dogs, riding horses and fear of a failing blog. I over came all of them through tears, frustration, worry and second guessing myself, but I got through it and so can you!

3. Find a mentor

Even if you aren’t a christian, finding someone who’s lived longer then you and has great wisdom is important.
I don’t mean a parent, I mean someone unbiased who’s separate from your family.
Someone you can go out for coffee with, listen to their advice, their stories and someone who will listen to you.
I found a mentor this year and it was the absolute best thing I’ve ever had in my life. I prayed so long I would find one and I finally did.
It’s helped me learn so much about myself and the life of someone else through their mistakes and accomplishments. It’s a beautiful relationship to have.

4. Teach or disciple someone

Become a tutor, a mentor, a youth leader, a big-brother or big-sister or even foster a dog!
Utilize some of your mistakes and accomplishments to feed into someone with less experience then you.
I also had the opportunity to do this and will continue to into the new year.
It’s taught me so much about myself and the person I am helping.
It’s so satisfying knowing that my mistakes weren’t all for nothing, that there is a purpose and it can help someone who hasn’t gone through it yet or is in the thick of it.
So use your experiences, talents and skills to help someone younger!

5. Pay off debt

This is a goal I’m sure for so many but it’s so much easier said then done.
I talk about some great ways you can save money and shed debt in my post here.
The post contains tons of tips that I learned from some of my favorite finance bloggers!

6. Pay it forward

Ever been a part of a drive-thru and got caught up in the train where each driver pays for the person behind them? Or maybe you’ve heard of this.
If you haven’t done this already, try doing something very generous for someone else, whether it be paying for their drink, buying them a meal, volunteering at a shelter, giving a generous gift or whatever it is you want to do, challenge yourself to do something exceptionally generous this year!
I know life gets busy and sometimes it seems like no one would really care, but it makes such a difference for that person and you too!
A few weeks ago a few friends and I were going to volunteer at a food shelter. It snowed, some of us were getting sick, we were cold and honestly didn’t feel like going.
We did anyways and boy were we glad we did.
It ended up being such a fun time, seeing the look on the faces of those less fortunate and knowing we could have been home watching Netflix really gave us a different perspective.
We left laughing and had a great sense of joy. It was the kind of joy you don’t get from getting a gift, watching a movie or eating your favorite meal.

7. Cultivate intentional relationships

There are so many acquaintances we have but not everyone has actual intentional relationships.
What I mean by that is relationships where we have intent; you intend to call them, you intend to spend time with them, you intend to get to know them, you intend to involve them in your life and so on.
This year I had most of my relationships and friendships uprooted suddenly.
My life completely changed.
I was sad, still am sometimes but I now have so much extra time to cultivate relationships that are actually meaningful and aren’t one sided.
Seeing clearly who is worth your time, who is healthy, what isn’t toxic, who is uplifting, who is compassion and kind really allows you to make a decision on who’s worth investing in.
Better to have a few solid individuals you can truly count on irregardless of what happens to you and will love you no matter what versus a dozen acquaintances.

8. Learn something new

Whether you learn a new language, pick up a new instrument, try a new hobby or start a blog, try something new this year that you have never tried before.
Learn everything you can and watch how rewarding it will be for you.

9. Fight injustice

You can find injustice just about anywhere in the world. Our news feeds flood with devastating reports on so many devastating accounts all around.
Maybe you’ve wondered what you can do, after all your just one person.
But you really can do something about things because if we take the stand as being neutral, we are actually siding with the oppressor.
It’s harsh, but it’s so true.
So whether you have a heart and compassion towards sex-trafficking, orphans, abandoned dogs, homelessness, whatever it is let this year be the year you choose to make change, even if its the smallest choice.
You could donate clothes, volunteer at a shelter, foster a dog, send money to a reliable charity for the cause of your choice, go on a missions trip that helps the cause you care about and the list could go on of all the small things you can do to make such a huge difference.

10. Gather

I think too often we wait to be invited instead of inviting, perhaps this is one of those fears you need to overcome. I know it’s been a huge fear of mine.
So let this year be the year you do the inviting rather then waiting for that invitation,
Whether it be a games night, movie night, having people over for food, hosting a bible study or whatever it is you can do, make a choice to intentionally invite friends over for fellowship.
Anyone can be hospitable, you just have to make the scary leap and it will mean so much to the ones who are invited.

11. Take back your home

You don’t have to wait til spring to do any cleaning. Sometimes life gets busy, laundry piles up, dishes get forgotten, vacuuming seems to be a rare occurrence, dog hair is everywhere and your used to stepping on kids toys. That’s okay. Life is busy and it gets messy, but eventually we have to do something about it.
I found one of the best resources to conquering clutter and taking your home back here.
Let 2018 be the year you take your home back and claim it yours all over again. Not only will the mess be gone but it will help you mentally feel more at peace and be able to just breathe again.

12. Starve shame

Shame whether it be a little or a lot is something we face constantly as humans. Try this year to address a moment in time where you did feel shame then starve it. Don’t feed into anymore. It’s healthy to acknowledge your actions, then let it go. There is no need to contentiously torture your mind in an endless cycle of shame and guilt. If there are any people in your life that continue to feed the shame in your own life, then perhaps those relationships are not meant to cultivate any longer or until such time it’s safe.
I learned this the hard way this year and the best decision for me was to distance myself from those who felt it necessary to continuously feed my own shame offering no compassion, understanding, love, forgiveness or kindness. So starve shame this year and let is wither away as you grow stronger and more confident.

13. Be content

We live in an age where we get instant gratification and were all becoming really hard to please. It’s so easy to compare yourself to others, try and mirror the lifestyle of others while never truly being satisfied with where your at.
There’s a healthy amount of feeling unsatisfied if you want to overcome debt, you want to save for a vacation or your anxious and want to pursue a career. However when it gets to the extent of being consistently disappointed with absolutely everything, what TV you have, what clothes you have, what you look like, where you live and what care you drive, that becomes unhealthy.
Try this year to change the things you can and learn to be content with things you cannot change.

14. Make margin

There are seasons of life that are busier then others and that’s okay. Make sure this year to allow time for yourself and take care of YOU.
Have an at home spa day, join a gym, do a detox, go for more walks, stretch more, do face masks, get your hair done and do whatever you need to do to take care of yourself especially in the season of life where things get super busy.


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