Haven’t gotten around to decoration the home for Christmas yet? It’s a little hard to ignore that Christmas is literally right around the corner.
Don’t worry, these minimalist Christmas decorations will have you in the spirit of Christmas in no time!
Although simple, these crafts make a fully festive home in little time.
If your like me and crafts aren’t your forte, fear not because these little “crafts” do not require much work or skill at all, you can create all these in your PJ’s if you like!
They are also so simple that they can accompany any style or color scheme you have going on in your home.
If you check out the sources of these crafts, there you will find a tons more different ideas.
These are the top 5 that cover most of the surface area of your home and are the easiest to make in my opinion !

1. Minimalist Christmas Card Holder

diy xmas card holder

Source: Elle Decor

I absolutely love this idea, you can find slates of wood like this so easily!
This is such a simple look, yet such a festive great way to display your cards.
This craft doesn’t really require any work other then finding your own creative way to hang or display your cards!
You could get holders like you see from this photo from dollar store, put a bit of tape just in the center, the options are endless when it comes to hanging the cards!


2. Minimalist Christmas Stocking Display

diy xmas stocking holder

Source: Elle Decor

So not everyone has a fireplace, which can make hanging stockings be quite the obstacle at times, or at least it has been for me.
If you don’t even have any sort of shelf you can hang your stockings on, this craft is an absolutely perfect way to hang your stockings.
Again, all you need is a piece of wood branch, some string and maybe some plants to hang on the wood to spruce it up a bit!
It’s simple, but ads a whole Christmas display to your wall.


3. Minimalist Pine Cone Christmas Decoration

diy pine cone display

Source: Elle Decor

This little craft requires a bit more prep then the last two, but like I said, it’s not going to take you very long.
You can get pine cones from the dollar store, or sometimes in your own back yard!
Simply get hooks of some sort (again purchasable from the dollar store), a hot glue gun (Super inexpensive from Target, Walmart etc) and glue the hooks onto the pine cones.
All you have to do next is attach the hooks to a piece of string and hang them how you like, where you like.
It’s simple yet so festive, as it brings a woodland/rustic theme into your home!

4. Minimalist Wall Display Christmas Decoration

diy wall display christmas

Source: Elle Decor

For this craft all you need is a piece of wood branch, some string and basically whatever ornaments of your choosing.
Here is an example of this decoration with stars, whoever you can attache whatever you wish (pun intended)!
Another super simple craft you can spruce up with some greenery!


5. Minimalist Christmas Candle Holder

diy xmas candle holder

Source: Fresh Home

I’m sure you have some sort of bottle laying around somewhere (even a clear wine bottle could work, depending on the size of your candle).
All you need to do is fill it with some water, add some greenery (that you can even find outside!), then simply place the candle in the spout.
That’s it! Again, if you don’t have long candles like the one in this photo, the dollar store supplies TONS of these!!
It looks so festive yet it’s such an easy craft to make!

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