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Affiliate marketing is another amazing way bloggers can earn money from home.
I talked about one method in my post here, where I provide step-by-step instructions on how easy it is to become an Amazon Affiliate.
Today I’m excited to share a new and unique way to earn income through affiliate marketing.

The ultimate affiliate program has quickly become my favorite program to be a part of.
Other then their incredible 40% commission, they also offer amazing incentives for you and your readers, I’ll get to that in a moment!

So, what is the Ultimate Bundles program?

The Ultimate Bundles Team puts together a HUGE bundle of electronic “goodies” (eBooks, audio books, audio books, ecourses, workbooks, printables, etc.) for a specific theme (ex. blogging, health, homemaking, parenting, and so on). Then, they sell that bundle at an enormous discount, usually 90-95% OFF its original price!!!

Each theme specific bundle is only available one week a year. The reason for this is to create a sense of rush and urgency which helps drive sales even higher. Here is an example calendar:

  • FEBRUARY 26-MARCH 5: Ultimate Photography Bundle
  • MARCH 14-19: Home Remedies Super Bundle
  • APRIL 4-9: Ultimate Homemaking Bundle
  • APRIL 25-MAY 1: Gardening Super Bundle (still in validation)
  • SEPTEMBER 17-2 Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle
  • OCTOBER 8-15: Genius Blogger’s Toolkit
  • NOVEMBER 7-13: Genius Writer’s Toolkit (still in validation)

In addition, the following bundles are “evergreen”, which means they are sold year round. These bundles currently include:

I kindly urge you to check one of these out and see the unbelievable value for yourself.

How can they afford to give such high discounts, what’s the catch?

First, there is no catch.
Second, it’s Simple. They are able to offer such huge discounts because of the power of collaboration.
In other words, the UB Team gathers a massive group of authors and combines all of their eBooks and eCourses into one jam-packed, theme specific bundle.
Then, everyone promotes that bundle at the same exact time which results in an enormous amount of sales.
Because of this, even though each product is sold at such a low price, the profit comes as a result of these mass sales.
It becomes an incredible opportunity for passive income for these authors and us (the affiliates and hopefully soon to be you!).
Plus, your readers get a fantastic deal on amazing products.
It’s mostly all women empowering and helping one another, it’s fantastic.
It benefits everyone, a win-win!

What are the perks?

Here are the top 10 perks of becoming a UB affiliate:

1. You make almost half the sale in commissions.
You not only receive a 40% commission for every bundle you sell, you also receive 40% OFF whatever you choose to buy yourself

2. You get free stuff
Additionally, if you sell 5 or more of a particular bundle you get that bundle for FREE (don’t worry, if you already purchased it, they will refund you). You have the potential to receive learning material worth thousands of dollars for FREE, still making 40% commission on each bundle sold.

3. You get paid to refer your readers
You also receive a small commission for all the sales of those you refer to the program for 90 days following their sign up. For instance, if you refer 3 fellow bloggers to join Ultimate Bundles affiliate program today, then for the next 90 days you will earn a small commission of EACH of their sales. Fantastic!

4. You get access to free marketing
Once you become an affiliate you will have access to their “affiliate center”. There you will find your affiliate links, upcoming bundle calendar, banners, countdown clock buttons, swipe files, and ongoing FREE affiliate marketing training.

5. You get access to free training
You gain access to tons of FREE resources on various strategies to market the products. So your basically getting paid to learn, no brainer right?

6. You get paid more if you supply your own content
It goes beyond just affiliate sales. If you have an ecourse, e-product or ebook you would like to promote in a Bundle that fits your niche, just simply apply. It’s a great opportunity to reach thousands of people, oh and contributors earn 70% commission on each bundle sale…

7. No sign up fees, no fees ever
This is my FAVORITE perk aside from the great commission, you don’t have to pay any fees associated with your commission. (I don’t know about you, but I hate fees)

8. Bundles support any type of blogger
No matter your niche or what you blog about, there is sure to be at least ONE bundle that fits with your audience and topic.

9. Sell all year round
There are bundles you can sell year round called “Evergreen Bundles”, so your not limited to selling a few times a year.

10. Join for FREE. Learn for FREE. You don’t pay anything. There’s nothing to lose.

Awesome, how do I sign up!?

Easy. Create a FREE account. Fill your info and wait for a confirmation email which will contain your username, password, and referral link.
Make sure to head over to the affiliate portal where I mentioned earlier you can find a ton of FREE resources to help you out!

How would I promote an Ultimate Bundle Package?

There are quite a few different ways you can promote the UBP on your blog.
Here are a few ideas, I’m sure you’ll come up with a few ideas of your own too!

  • Write a review about it, or blog post.
  • Use one of their banners on your side bar.
  • Promote it on your Facebook groups during promo day.
  • Create a Pinterest Pin to a link either to your website or write the affiliate link in the pin. (depending on what your group board rules are, some don’t allow affiliate links!)
  • Send an email to your subscribers of current bundle sales

Make sure you make it clear somewhere on your blog post that you are promoting a product(s) for sale, if you need ANY help with the legality’s with selling products on your site, click here for help.


There are endless amounts of strategies to making income online. I’ve talked about it in other posts that having way too many affiliates can be overwhelming and can honestly cause adverse results. I think it’s great to focus on a couple, which is why I think Ultimate Bundles is hands down one of the best win-win affiliate program for both yourself and your readers that I’ve come across. Check it out for yourself and Sign up for a FREE affiliate account and start learning AND earning today.

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