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It’s nice when you don’t have to buy something new to specifically use it for something and who doesn’t like to reuse household items!?
Here are some super genius ways you can reuse simple items in your home and make use of them this Christmas!
Some of these ideas I got from BuzzFeed others I got through friends!
These will seriously save you time, money and take out some of the stress that can surround the holidays!

1. Reuse Your Pumpkins

Reuse your leftover Halloween pumpkins to make snowmen.
Such a great idea to make good use out of any unused pumpkins that are still in good condition!


2. Use Christmas Tree Branches

Cut branches from your Christmas tree to make easy table decor.


3. Use Command Hooks

You can use Command hooks to hang wreaths seamlessly over a door.

4. Reuse Wine Crate

Reuse your wine crate to hold Christmas wrapping tubes!


5. Reuse Egg Cartons

I love this one because egg cartons are so easy to get, I’m sure you have a few in recycling right now!
Use them to store your smaller ornaments.


6. Reuse Plastic Cups

Use plastic cups to neatly store your regular sized ornaments.


7. Use Tinsel!

Use shiny green tinsel to make your Christmas tree look fuller.
Really wish I thought of this idea sooner…


8. Reuse A Hanger Or Used Wrapping Paper Roll

Use a hanger or even a used wrapping paper roll to store lights so it’s easy to unravel

9. Use Toothpaste

What could toothpaste be used for? It can totally remove the sticky sap from your Christmas tree right off your hands!
This is probably my favorite hack and a game changer for me.


10. Use Your Bread Clips

The biggest pet peeve of mine is when I’m wrapping packages and I can’t find the edge of the tape, can anyone else relate?
When you do finally find it, it can be very difficult to even get it up!
Use your bread clips by simply tucking it under the edge of the tape.
I’m sure you have a few lying around somewhere!
It makes it super easy to find and grab the tape when your ready to use it.


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10 christmas hacks


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