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Because it’s that wonderful time of year once again, sometimes cleaning can get put on hold. With family coming to visit constantly, wrapping paper being opened, different diners and gatherings being hosted, things can get a little messy to be honest!
I found some cleaning tips from various sources included some of my own tricks I use.
These can be implemented anytime of the year, but I wanted to create this surrounding this exciting yet busy holiday that is fast approaching!
Once all the holiday festivities have died down, feel free to use some of these cleaning tips!

1. DIY Toilet Fizzies

Idea from: Pretty Providence

Yes you can buy some from the store, but if your stuck in a snow storm or too busy to leave the house this little craft is super easy to make using your household items!

You’ll need:

1 cup of baking soda
1/2 tsp vinegar
15 drops of essential oils (need some? you can get some here)
1 silicone candy molds
1/4 cup citric acid
1 table spoon of peroxide
1 silicone mold

Your going to want to mix the baking soda and citric acid together in a small bowl.
Next add some water and spray your favorite essential oils mixture into the bowl.
Add more water if it is not clumping together!
Poor mixture into your silicone mold of choice, pack each cell down firmly.
Allow bombs to dry for several hours, then once they have firmly created a mold, they’re ready to use.
The fun part is you can get different silicon molds in various shapes and styles!
If you want a festive theme mold check them out here.
If you want a cute heart shape silicone mold (my favorite) take a look here.
Or if you want the regular square shape sized molds click here.
The other great part of all this is that silicone molds have so many different uses for them!
So if your not making toilet fizzies with them you can use them to bake, create ice cubes and tons of other stuff.

2. Lemon Cutting Board Cleaners

Another item you can probably find in your fridge is this one.
My friend showed me this trick and I will forever use this for cleaning.
Your most likely going to be using your cutting board a lot this month! If you just use a freshly squeezed lemon, you can easily clean your cutting board.
You literally just scrub the lemon with salt, you could even use limes too, simply scrub the cutting board.
Use a paper towel to dry up the mess.
You can use this neat trick on any wooden utensils in the kitchen as well!

3. Lint Roller To Dust

All you need is a Lint Brush for this cleaning hack.
Simply run a lint roller over shelves and lampshades to dust and vacuum all at the same time!


4. Blender Mix Cleaner

Okay this is a trick I never thought of before until recently. It’s so obvious…I’m not sure how I never tried this one before. If you already know this trick, kudos to you!
To clean your blender literally add soap and water in the blender, turn it on, mix it, rinse it out.
Yea…suuuppperr easy!


5. Clean Fridge Shelves

One of my biggest annoyances and one of the cleaning jobs I admit I purposely put off is cleaning my fridge.
It’s so necessary, yet it’s such a daunting task, for me anyway!
My fridge beeps, it’s cold and I could go on about how lazy I am to do this to be honest!
I recently stumbled upon this trick from BuzzFeed, it’s genius!
All you need is a plastic food wrap and place it on the shelves in your fridge.
Once thing’s get sticky, gross and full of crumbs you simply pull out the liners and just add new ones.
Again, yet another time saving hack I wish I knew before!


6. DIY Air Freshner

This doesn’t involve any sort of crafting skills or materials.
You literally tape a dryer sheet over an air conditioner vent to freshen up the room.
The air will blast through the sheet leaving the room smelling amazing.
If you want to learn other great and natural ways to make your home smell lovely for the holidays click here.


7. Coffee Maker Cleaner

Again, another kitchen item I’m sure will get used quite a bit this season is your coffee maker.
Simply add vinegar and water through a brew cycle as you would to make coffee.
Once it’s done, run water through the cycle twice to make the vinegar smell to go away.
It leaves your coffee maker sparkling clean!
It also works good for a french press which is my only means of making coffee right now.
You do the same process, minus brewing the coffee of course.
You just let the vinegar and water sit for a while, simply rinse it out!

There are an overwhelming amount of cleaning hacks you can benefit from, however these are the cleaning hacks I found most relevant for this month being the month of December!
These hacks don’t just apply to kitchen cleaning, but your overall home.
Check out more hacks in my Lifestyle category!


Again, if your interesting in finding essential oils or silicone molds click on these links to find out more!


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