With the weather being cold and everyone wanting to stay indoors all weekend, here are some great movies to binge watch.
I also added the amount of hours of watching will be involved with each movie so you can plan accordingly.
No I did not sit and time these haha, I just searched them up on BingeClock.

1. Sci Fi Movies

Star Trek: 24 hrs
Star Wars: 14 hrs
Matrix Trilogy: 7 hrs


2. Action Movies

Die Hard: 11 hrs
Bond, James Bond Series: 50 hrs
Mission Impossible: 9 hrs
Fast and Furious: 13 hrs
Bourne Saga: 8 hrs

3. Fantasy Movies

Lord of the rings and the Hobbit: 17 hrs
Harry Potter: 20 hrs
Pirates of Caribbean: 10 hrs

4. Comic Movies

DC thrillers (A lot of movies, but doable over a period of time)
Marvel Magic (Again a lot, but doable spread out over the winter holidays)

5. Cartoon Movies

Ice Age: 6 hrs
– Shrek: 7.5 hrs
Madagascar: 6 hrs

6. Fictional Movies

National treasures: 4 hrs
Night at the museum: 5 hrs
Jurassic Park: 6.5 hrs

7. Drama Movies

Rocky: 11 hrs
Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants and Sex & The City: 8 hrs
Step Up: 9 hrs

8. Comedy Movies

Hangover: 5 hrs
The Scary movies: 7.5 hrs
American Pie: 7 hrs

9. Horror Movies

Jaws: 9 hrs
Nightmare On Elm Street: 14 hrs
Saw: 10 hrs
The Ring: 6 hrs


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Which movie marathon are you going to pick!?

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