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A lot of computer/laptop accessories aren’t marketed towards women.
Any accessories that requires personal customization usually always has to be ordered online.
There are some decently cute ways to make your “Blog Station” more girly or more personal.
I recently upgraded my old black laptop to a nice clean white computer, I found a great deal on a white printer, I got a little plant for my desk and purchased a white desk from IKEA. All items were extremely affordable.
One thing that I found difficult finding was a mouse pad. They are usually black, grey or maybe you can score a pink one!
It could just be the small town I live in, I know I can order some online, but I still couldn’t find anything I liked.
Mouse pads aren’t a huge deal, I can settle for whatever mouse pad, however I stumbled across a way to create my own mouse pad and you can too!
This little craft is super easy to do and the best part, it’s super cheap to make also!!

You’ll need:

• Cork Round (If your in Canada it’s more tricky to find, but Dollorama actually carries a long piece of cork you can cut into!)
• Your favorite fabric
• ModgePodge glue


Step 1

If you found Cork Round, you won’t need to cut out a circle.

If you haven’t found Cork Round and you find a piece of Cork
like in the photo, then you’ll need to trace a circle.
Put your mouse on it and make sure the circle is big enough to support your mouse and movement at your desk.
I just used one of my Tupperware bowls to measure a circle!



Step 2

Now cut out your circle shape cork so it looks like this

Step 3

A quick note on fabric, make sure its thick enough so the glue doesn’t
seep all over and make it look messy.
I doubled my fabric here to make it thicker, I don’t mind the faint polkadots
underneath, I actually liked it!
Next mouse pad I’ll make I probably will go with a more solid color…
Cut out the same circle shape and size on your piece of fabric
so that it looks like this

The best part is, fabric is super inexpensive, I paid $7 for this piece
which was the second smallest piece they sold, so cheap!

Step 4

Paint ModgePodge on the cork piece you cut out.
Place the fabric nicely on the cork so that none of the cork is showing.
Because my cork came on a roll, it was curled as seen in the photos above.

Step 5

Once my fabric was glued onto the cork, I place 2 very heavy books on top
and left it over night!


Your end result will look something like this!


There is some cork that is showing around the rim.
I did a quick Google search and found that some people place ribbon around it which would also look amazing!
However, I personally like the cork showing on the rim because it goes with the rest of the decor in my home. I have mostly white decor with wooden accents.
It’s totally up to you!
Enjoy your new cute and personalized mouse pad!

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