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Blogging isn’t the only job you can do in order to earn a decent living from home!
There are plenty other options out there that provide a variety of different options, allowing you the benefit of not having to leave your house every day and doing the 9-5 grind.
I’ve picked the top 5 I think are the most diverse that just about anyone can do with no schooling necessary!
This is perfect for college students, stay at home or single moms and again, anyone who doesn’t want to leave their house to go work!

1. Virtual Assistant

This job is perfect for anyone who loves to organize and is detail oriented!
A virtual assistant performs basic office duties except they do it from home!
From replying to emails, managing social media accounts to entering data, it’s all relatively easy work that can pay up to $15/hr!

Where to get started

People per hour
Flex Jobs

I did a quick search and some of my own research and those seemed the most reliable and well known to me. I’m sure if you do some more searching around, you’ll find other great sites where you can get started as a virtual assistant!

2. Survey Taker

Okay so most of us don’t jump at the idea of taking a survey when asked, would the fact that you can get paid up to $50 per survey change your mind?!
The best part is, it’s not hard either.
You’ll be asked questions ranging from your shopping habits, opinions to reviewing a product.
It’s all pretty simple, but the more you do, you can actually make a decent amount of steady income!

Where to get started

Pinecone Research
Real ways to earn money online
Paid View Point

A caution to this job though, any site that asks for personal information such as your social insurance number or asks about membership fees are not legitimate and I would caution you to stay far away!
These few sites again, after researching seem to be pretty reliable sources.
Just be careful on this one and make sure you do your own research when getting started doing surveying!


3. Corporate English Teacher

This might sound intimidating and you may have scrolled past it but wait!
You don’t actually necessarily need any schooling or training in teaching.
Office experience is definitely help as well as your own reliable computer with highspeed internet, pretty simple!
Students from other countries such as France, Japan, Korea and more are looking for some guidance and teaching on developing skills for business.
From learning basic sentences to running a professional meeting, you get to help them practice so they can apply these English skills in their work.
I believe this can either be done on the phone or Skype.
You have to commit to 20 hours a week, which isn’t ‘bad at all for being able to work at home.
You can get paid up to $15/hr for this job and as a reward you get to build relationships as well as learn different cultures!

Where to get started

Go Fluent
i Speak U Speak

Again, if you have any ESL or teaching skills that’s welcomed, but give it a try anyway and see where it takes you!

4. Virtual Tutor

This is another teaching type job like the last and again, you don’t have to have a degree!
One of the greatest perks is that each session usually lasts around 30min and you can get paid up to $35/hr!!
Your job is to basically work with students on a particular subject, like you would with tutoring your younger siblings or a friend, except this is all done online.
So again, yet another great job you can do right at home!

Where to get started

 Sylvan Learning

Again did a little Google search and found these great sites you can get connected to as far as tutoring goes. I heard of Sylvan before and was pleased to see you can work for them right at home!
There’s plenty of overwhelming options out there, however these are the ones that stood out to me the most!


5. Search Engine Evaluator

So this job seems super easy because, it is!
Huge companies such as Google, Yahoo and more are always updating their online content and updating their search engine tools to aid people like you and I better!
What better people to test these changes out, then people like you and me that spend time on these search engines!
You can get paid up to $10/hr and only work up to 25hrs a week if you want to!

Where to get started

Leap force at home

Now I was only able to find one commendable site, however I’m sure there are more!


There are tons of various jobs out there that allow you the luxury of working at home and avoiding the busy life of going to work everyday.
On a more serious note, I want to give out some tips on what to look out for on the web.
Unfortunately not everybody genuinely wants your help and in turn, to pay you to work from home!
Sadly, there are a lot of scam sites out there.
Here’s what to look out for…

• Too many online complaints. Which is why I say, even though I provided some great sites, do your own research always! See what others are saying before you go into anything

• If there is some sort of fee involved, stay away! Usually sites will not ask you to pay anything, some legitimate sites will ask you to pay a sign up fee, however you can tell if it’s a legitimate company by again, doing research. I don’t believe Sylvan Learning charges, however that is an example of a legitimate well known company, so you can trust them if there is a fee involved. Again, generally there is no fee.

• If the site is extremely vague, provides no contact information and there is little to no information on how you will get paid, that’s definitely a red flag. In that case, I’d stay far away from that site.

• Should everything seem like the absolute most perfect job, which the ones I listed are awesome…but if it’s just way too good to even seem true, then I’d maybe search elsewhere!


Again, with so many overwhelming options out there, I picked my top 5. I’m not big into posting overwhelming resources in most cases.
Always do research when considering working for a company online, good luck!

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