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Not being a huge fan of winter (why do I live in Canada again?) there are few things I do like about this season.
I admit it’s nice to cozy up and hibernate at home.
Here are some winter date ideas you can enjoy with that special someone!

1. Tree Decorating

Bust out some eggnog or which ever drinks you enjoy, put on some Christmas music and decorate a tree together.


2. Movie Marathon

This isn’t just another movie night, I’m talking about a full fledged movie marathon.
Binge watch all of the Lord of the Rings or watch all Madagascar movies (those aren’t just for kids).
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3. Board Games

Crank the tunes, make some drinks and play board games.
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4. Have A Theme Night

Whether it be a night in Italy where you open a bottle of Italian wine, make pizza, watch “When in Rome” with Kristen Bell or a blast from the past by making a meal together listening to music from the 50’s and watching an old classic movie together, have a theme night.


5. Make A Decoration Together

Again with the Christmas music and drinks.
Go to the dollar store or craft store, get some ornaments for the tree, decorate, paint, draw, write and create decorations together that can be momentum for years to come.



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