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I had used Pinterest as most females my age does and I thought I had a decent handle on it.
After learning the importance of using Pinterest for blogging, which I talk about here, I didn’t think I would be so confused when it came to joining Group Boards.
Not only is it intimidating contacting a bunch of people, I also found it extremely confusing.
I didn’t know you could send messages through Pinterest, I didn’t actually really know how to look for group boards, I was overwhelmed to say the least.
Perhaps your about to embark on this last part of your blogging journey where things really take off, or maybe your stuck, as I was.
I want to go over step by step tips on how to actually join a group board as well as a few extra helpful tips.

Step 1

First, there are endless amount of group boards, some have tons of followers and pins, others don’t have many.
I think it’s best to literally apply to as many as possible, the more the better!
You won’t get accepted to all of them, that is a harsh reality to face.
It’s good to be gracious about the denial, continue to follow and support the board because one day as you grow, you may be accepted.
For boards that don’t have as much of a following, you most likely will be accepted right away.
On your Pinterest search bar type in the type of group board you want to join.
For example, if you want to share your blog pins and re-pin that of others, type in: “How to blog” and then refine your search by selecting “Boards”.
Pin Groupie is one of the most used sites to find group boards. It’s awesome because it allows you to review tons of different boards in many different categories in a user friendly visual way.


Step 2

So once you select which board you want to join, let’s say it’s called “Calling All Bloggers” a group board on blogging.
Once you click on that page, it will show you the board, revealing how many followers, pins and members are in that group.
Usually there will be a little blurb about the group, what the rules are, whether it’s a closed or open group and a contact address.
If the group board is open, they will either ask you to
A) email them at their email, you should use your email associated to your Pinterest account
B) message them directly through Pinterest
* For those that had no idea you could even message through Pinterest, that little “bell” icon beside your profile photo is your tool to messaging.
Usually the group board creator will tell you how to message them, for example @erinmorgan.


Step 3

You’ll want to construct a professional and polite message to the board member your contacting.
I created a template in my documents I can easily go to, paste and alter according to which board I am applying for.
Some group members require you to re-pin per 1 pin you post, some want you to only post vertical photos.
So you will want to tailor your message to cover all their requirements, ensuring them that you will abide by all the rules.
Make it clear you will not post spam and only content that is relevant to the group board topic.
Provide a link to your Pinterest profile and even your blog website.
Should you be rejected, again, graciously accept this and thank them for considering you.
If you are accepted, it’s good to maintain a good relationship by thanking them and letting them know you look forward to collaborating with them.

Step 4

Once you get accepted into a group, you may begin to load your pins into that group.
Again, some rules will say only a certain amount of pins per day or week, so you’ll want to make sure your well aware of the rules of each group.
You’ll want to continue this process to as many groups as you possibly can.
The more groups your apart of, the more your increasing the amount of views your site will get.


Step 5

This is aside from group boards, but I wanted to add it in anyhow.
It’s a great idea to create a board on your Pinterest containing all your pins.
For example, I named mine, “best of newfilleosophy” containing every single pin I have created.
It’s a great way to add extra exposure to your pins and makes it easy to go in there and “re-pin” to boards when you get accepted into them.


I hope that clarified any confusion anyone had. If you didn’t, then bravo! Your further along then I was.
I felt very overwhelmed at first, until I got accepted into my very first  group board, it was very exciting and made everything seem less confusing and totally worth it.
If you have any questions feel free to ask!


Upon joining group boards, I am in the process of creating my own because I understand how frustrating it is to join boards, get your pins noticed and it can be overall an intimidating process.
I don’t want anyone to experience that, I wanted to create a group that is super welcoming and supports new bloggers by offering a collaborative group.
Feel free to join my Calling All Bloggers board =)


Pin it for later!

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