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If you don’t live in a cold climate then this clearly won’t apply to you!
I live in Canada where it’s cold, colder and the coldest place at times.
Even for girls who love fall and winter I guarantee every girl can agree that winter beauty tweaks have to happen.
Lips get cracked, skin gets dry, we shave less, we hide our hair under toques and we bundle.
I found these winter beauty hacks that I’ve found really helpful, I hope they benefit you as well!

Hack #1. Lip Masks & Moisturizers

These are my best friends at winter time!
Leave on lip masks such as this Agave lip mask from Sephora,  allows you to scrub off all the dead skin and smooths out your lips.
Applying a bit of moisturizer like NIVEA Hydro Care Lip Balm Sticks, Duo Pack, 2 x 4.8g will keep your lips moisturized for so long.
This is the only lip balm I use, I swear by it!

Hack #2. Hair Spray

If you have hair that tends to frizz every chance it gets, like mine then you definitely need a good hair spray to tame it this winter.
I use Osis+ Magic Finish Anti-Frizz Shine Serum (Light Control) – 50ml/1.67oz to tame my hair.
It’s not a spray, it’s a serum, but it seriously tames my frizz that gets out of control with this weather


Hack #3. Lotion

Dry skin is inevitable at winter and all I can say is lotion up!
I love Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer with Vitamin E & Aloe Sensitive Skin Oil-Free Lotion 120 mL
because it doesn’t make me feel greasy, it goes right into my skin and nourishes it.

Hack #4. Glow

I’m mixed race yet I still feel “pale” in winter, I’m more susceptible to blotchy skin and sometimes I look gray, probably lacking Vitamin D.
I use Jergens Natural Glow so just to boost my skins color up a bit, giving me a summer glow.
It really does work without making you appear orange, as in you have to wash your hands after or else you will start noticing color on your hands.
It also acts as a moisturizer so again, another way to moisturize your face.


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Got any winter beauty hacks you’d like to share? Feel free!

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