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We all make bucket lists, some long-term, others short-term, so here’s a bucket list I created just for the holiday season!
I love making them because it gives me a goal on something to do and look forward to.
Being able to accomplish them and look back at what you did is always a nice feeling.
Ignore the cold by sharing these warm experiences with a loved one or a close friend!

1. Random act of kindness

2. Make a Christmas ornament or craft

3. Make a gingerbread house

4. Decorate the tree

5. Light a fire and read by it

6. Have a “no technology time” day

7. Go ice skating

8. Make a Christmas shoebox for a child in need

9. Bake Christmas cookies

10. Make hot chocolate

11. Start an advent calendar

12. Wrap Christmas gifts

13. Donate cans to the local food bank

14. Take a walk and look at Christmas lights

15. Go to a Christmas tree lighting in the city

16. Attend a Christmas Eve service

17. Watch a Christmas cartoon and eat cookies with milk

18. Play in the snow

19. Go for a drive to look at Christmas lights

20. Play a board game with Christmas music on

21. Go skiing/snowboard

22. Go sledding

23. Try a new soup recipe

24. Have a movie marathon

25. Relax in a hot tub


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