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When you first start publishing your blog, it can get pretty discouraging when you check and see you don’t have my views.
Maybe you’ve thought of giving up or maybe you just don’t know what your doing wrong.
I’d like to say it differently, it may not be what your doing wrong, instead ask yourself, what could you do better?
I had to reformat that question in my mind and block out the negativity.
It’s so easy when first launching to just give up and blog before you start making any real income.
I came up with a handful of reasons why your not getting the views you wanted.
I hope your take away from this isn’t to read the points and get down on yourself, no.
I hope you see it as a chance to challenge yourself and tweak your current methods slightly!

1. Social Media Absence

One of the biggest reasons may be the most obvious, your not utilizing social media enough.
I think it gets super overwhelming having to update your Instagram, then Facebook, your Pinterest, next your blog.
I think the best motto to have is this: Be present in all social media platforms, but only focus on a few.
So don’t stress about Twitter and Facebook as much as you would for Pinterest and Instagram which have been proven by so many bloggers to bring the most traffic.
Focus on 2 or 3 social media platforms, pour your soul into those and update the others when you can.
Some bloggers may disagree with this method, but if your blog has already been live for a few months and your views aren’t increasing, I think it’s worth it to take a step back and analyze your presence on social media.
Do I need to stress less by focusing on less?
Am I not uploading and updating enough on social media?
These are good questions to start asking yourself and can direct you in the right path to start changing strategies.


2. Unprofessional Site

I’ve said this in another post, What NOT To Do When Starting A Blog, I’ve read this everywhere and I couldn’t agree more, don’t get a free site.
It doesn’t look professional, the layout can be confusing for readers, there is potential spam and annoying popups.
The list could literally go on about how much I am against free websites when trying to incur an actual income from blogging.
You want to make sure when people come to your site that they are able to find the information they want right away and easily.
You also want to make sure things aren’t cluttered, that the reader can navigate around the site easily, leaving a good taste about your website in their minds.


3. Lost Focus

Another reason you may not be getting the amount of views you hoped for might be because your website is all over the place.
Although it does matter whether you have a professional site or not, it won’t matter if you have a professional site yet no one can quite figure out what your blog is even about.
It’s okay to be a lifestyle blogger and create content of many varieties.
However I think if you get way too general, then people get more confused.
If they go on your site from a Pin they found about “Car Cleaning Hacks” then start browsing around only to find posts about research you found on our medical system and another post about how to manage a call center (these are extreme examples, but you get the point), then people will find it hard to know what your even talking about let alone your goals.
When first starting out to get views, it’s great to appeal to many and find your niche.
I went over finding your niche in: Finding Your Blogging Niche however, once you start to read your audience you will start focusing on what people want to read about, that your also passionate about of course!


4. Too Vague

This one is similar to my last point and a bit more harsh.
However it’s very true.
If your misleading, misguiding, making vague points and generalizing your posts, it’ll be hard for people to keep coming back to your site.
Think of it this way, if you saw a Pin that read “5 Ways To Parent Better” you get interested and click on the add.
It then brings you to a site where you begin to read this post.
If the first point out of the five reads something like this:
“1. Take more naps”.
You would probably scroll around to see where the rest of the point is, however there isn’t, that is the point.
The writing is suggesting as a first tip to be a better parent by simply taking more naps.
You could get away with a few vague posts just to get content out there, however if every single one of your posts is always that vague, your going to feel disappointed.
How did you feel when reading that point? Probably not very inspired.
However if it read something like this:
“1. Get more sleep – by achieving this make sure to have some calming tea in the evenings like Chamomile tea, soak in the tub and read. Have some mom time while your little one rests, so you can be more energetic to play with him/her”.
Now that is a much more detailed post and gives the reader some actual advice they can take away from the post after they’ve left your page.
So just remember to not slack off for every post on details.
No need to write 1000 of words, but enough to give people something to take away from your posts.


5. Inconsistent

When people first start blogging, they get all their content ready to go, the site is ready to launch and once it launches, some people have the idea that they can sit back and watch the money roll in.
Unfortunately blogging is a full time commitment, it mirrors a full time job.
So, posting a ton of stuff week 1, then come week 2 your busy with friends, family and life so you don’t post much, week 3 is maybe a holiday so you post a couple times then back again at it week 4 won’t work.
If your not getting a consistent flow of traffic this would be why.
Make sure to create a schedule for yourself and set goals so you are consistent with yourself.
Here are some sites that allow you to schedule your posts.
Latergramme Allows you to pre load Instagram photos, so when they are ready to go you just swipe and load them.
Hootsuite Allows you to schedule your posts on multiple platforms at once
BoardBooster Allows you to schedule your Pins for Pinterest


So again, please don’t be discouraged by this post, if you already are feeling discouraged, hence why you came to this post, I hope this encouraged you.
Think of new strategies, tweak them a bit and monitor whether or not your views increase.
Blogging is a trial and error based job, the good news is if something doesn’t work, you can always try something else.
Something is bound to workout!
I read bloggers income reports for encouragement, let that be your goal and motivation to take on the challenges you face as a writer.

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What things can you do differently that may increase traffic to your blog?
What motivates and challenges you to alter your blogging methods?

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