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I talked about different ways bloggers make money in How Bloggers Make Money, Explained Simply.
One of the ways I mentioned in there was by becoming an Amazon affiliate, a little different then Google Adsense which is a main means of income which I talk about how to get your site all prepared to be accepted by Adsense in How to start a blog in 30 min (or less).
Unlike Google Adsense, becoming an Amazon affiliate does not require any sort of application!
You literally create an account and can start advertising products right away!
I couldn’t find anywhere how in the world to put products on Amazon into my blog posts.
I was so frustrated, luckily I came across a YouTube video that gave a very long explanation how, yet explained it none the less.
So let’s get started!

Step 1: Search Amazon Affiliate On Google

You’ll want to pick which Amazon affiliate site you want to go to, whether your in Canada, the United States or somewhere else will depend on which site you go to, much like the actual Amazon site.
Once you selected the site your page will look like this.
Again, select which country applies to you.
Make sure the flag is actually associated to your country, it may seem obvious to some, but when I first joined, I accidentally selected the wrong country and that would have caused so many currency issues for me down the road with receiving income.

Now go ahead and click “Join Now” once you selected the appropriate country.


Step 2: Create An Account

This part is super easy. Simply type in your name, email address and confirm a password then hit “create your Amazon account”.

Now that your account is created, your going to enter in some more personal information!

Now that all that info is out of the way, enter in your blogs website address. I used the example
Click “Add”, don’t worry about the other pat for entering the Mobile App URL(s) if it’s not different then your Website URL.

Hit Next…

Now the top part that asks you to enter in an Associates Store ID is whatever “unique ID” you want your unique link to be.
It’s not a big deal what this is because nobody really sees it.

For this part, you’ll want to briefly describe what your website is about.
Pretty self explanatory.

For this part your able to add a couple topics that best describe your site.

Next, check off the type of products you’ll be selling on your site.
Again, this isn’t super detrimental, if you only check off books that doesn’t mean your limited to just selling books. It’s just trying to get a vague description.

Again, what type of website do you have.


Here you’ll want to check off all the ways you plan to drive traffic to your website!
Again, pretty self explanatory.

If your planning or already are using Adsense, then choose other “affiliate programs” as a means of generating income by utilizing your site!

If your using WordPress you’ll most likely build links through HTML.
You can be honest about how many monthly views, it’s okay to have less then 500!
Indicate what your using Amazon Associates for, which is probably to monetize your site.

You probably heard about this through Pinterest, since that isn’t an option then you’ll probably choose “Blog Post” as an option!

When I took this picture, clearly I had accidentally not filled out all the required fields, my apologies!

Almost done!
For this part you literally just enter in a phone number.
Once you click on “Call me now” you’ll be provided a 4 digit pin on the screen.
An automated call from Amazon will call that number and ask you to dial that 4 digit pin
on your phone’s pin pad!
It will thank you and you can hangup.
At the bottom once you agree and check off the terms and conditions,
hit “Finish”.

Ok finally all done that sign up stuff!
It will give you your unique Associate ID.
It will also ask you to enter in your payment and tax info, for now I’m going to skip that part.
You can always come back to it, because it won’t let you forget, as it will have a reminder at the top
of your page with links until it’s all filled out.
You can connect your PayPal or choose different payment options and for obvious reasons you’ll need to fill out tax info!


Step 3: Linking A Product To Your Site

Now were at the fun part!
You’ll get to a page that seems rather confusing like in the picture below.
Just click on “Browse For Product” where the pink arrow is pointing!

Okay so now you will see a list of categories where when clicked, expands to sub-categories.
For example purposes, I chose “Diet & Nutrition”.
As you can see, it expands showing other categories to choose from.
I clicked on “Nutrition Bars & Drinks”.
Because I love Clif bars…
The bars are super good, especially the Chocolate Mint flavor…anyways click on “Get Link”

Once you click that button, it will take you to a page that looks like the one below!
This is where your going to have to make a decision.
You can choose to put both Text and Image on your site, Text Only or Image Only.
Your going to have to determine how you want these products to display.
From doing research, I think it’s most recommended to show “Text Only”.
That way you are eliminating the amount of ads or products are flashing or displaying on your site.
Not only that, the price of the products will be displayed, which may scare people away.
I think it’s best to just insert the link using just the text and let your readers click the link IF they want.
Let them do their own research, poking around, price comparing and so on.
I say that not to be less helpful to your readers, but to be less pressuring to sell them something.
Again, totally your own preference on this one.

Since I prefer the “Text Only” method, I’ll be using that in this example.
Now here is the most exciting part, or at least I thought so!
Remember that unique Associate ID you were given? Remember how I said no one will really be seeing it?
Well it’s because it’s already embedded in this huge HTML link down below.
They incorporate all that in there for you already! Thank goodness! Told you this was easy.
Also, just to make it ridiculously, almost unnecessarily more easy, you don’t have to highlight the whole link.
You don’t have to worry about the fact you forgot one character, pasted it in your post and now your
link doesn’t work!
Just click “Highlight HTML” and it literally…highlights the whole HTML link…
Right click and hit “copy” or on your keyboard press CTRL then the letter C to copy this.

Now I made an example post on my WordPress site.
Because were promoting cliff bars, well hence the title.
Right before you want to add your link, highlight the word before it.
It won’t highlight that word or create a link there, don’t worry.

Now that the word right before your desired product text is going to go, click on “Text” over on the right.
If your very familiar with editing your posts in HTML, this part will be repeated info for you.

Now that were under “Text” instead of “Visual”, you’ll notice the word you already had highlighted, is still
highlighted. Just simply click on it and click “paste”.

Once you pasted the copied HTML link, it’s going to look like a bunch of gibberish like in this photo.
That’s okay, don’t worry about it, you didn’t do it wrong, it’s supposed to look that confusing.

Now if we click on the original tab “Visual” you’ll notice it looks all nice, neat and professional now!
So just like any other affiliate link, this is the link with your unique ID embedded in it that will serve you a portion of anything purchased through this link.

That’s everything! Your officially an Amazon affiliate! Told you it was easy!
Don’t forget to fill out your payment and tax information, if you haven’t already!

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I hope these 3 easy steps helped you out, if you have anything to add or have any questions please feel free to ask!

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