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I think there is a good balance every blogger needs to find in terms of how often you should blog. There are tons of studies out there which I have researched to see how often a blogger should be posting to keep readers engaged. I don’t believe “less is more” in this case, however I also don’t believe in “the more the better” in relation to blog posts.
I was surprised when I found out how often a blogger should be posting, as I thought I had to post every single day.
The quick answer to this question is 2-3 times a week and here’s why:

1. Don’t Make Sudden Changes

If your your posting 5 times per week and your losing subscribers, it may be because your overloading your readers with way too much content. In almost every blog post I researched, every blogger stated that posting too much can do more damage.
So if you are, don’t suddenly drop down to 1 post per week either. Changing things too abruptly may give off a message to your subscribers that you are no longer focused on your blog. I know it seems very extreme on both ends, but if your posting so often, just bring it down to 3 posts per week and reassess your traffic then.


2. Mirror Your Most Successful Post

Take a look at which posts on your blog are the most popular. Try and reflect your other posts around the successful post, so that all your posts can be great. Look at the posts that didn’t get a ton of views, try and stay away from posting like that again. This is another factor to consider how often you should be posting.


3. Plan Ahead

Make sure to have a plan in what you want to write so that your posts don’t end up being sub-par.
It’s way better to have 2 great posts that drive tons of traffic, then to have 5 posts that are vague, confusing, rushed and have not a ton of effort put into it.



In summary you want to aim to post 2-3 times per week on your blog and 4-5 pins for per post for Pinterest.
You don’t have to be posting every single day however the more effort into your posts versus many vague posts, is better.
Always have a plan.

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Are you posting too much? Or not enough?

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