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Okay so you found your dream domain name and it’s not taken, which I went over in another blog post.
Now your getting things organized in order to launch your blog!
I’ll go over step by step a list I made for myself which helped me SO much.
Things can get super overwhelming, the list of things to do can keep growing, or at least that what it seemed like to me.
So take a deep breath, gather your thoughts and read through the steps.

Step #1. Create 25-50 blog posts.

You want a ton of content typed up and ready to start posting on your blog before you launch.
You want to do this for when or if this is your strategy to make tons of money, to contact affiliates and other companies.
They will be searching out your blog, you want it to look professional and have a ton of content.



Step #2. Create Pins for Pinterest.

Start creating approximately 4-5 pins per post.
You want to make different ones so you can test to see which ones are getting the most views.
Try and make them different styles, I also went over that in another post How The Pro’s Get Millions Of Page Views

  • Save them in a folder on your computer or laptop so you can load them on Pinterest when the time is right.



Step #3. Create a Facebook Page

It may not be one of your main social media platforms, however you want your site to be present on Facebook.
It’s good to create a page so you can also promote your blog on there and join some blogging community’s, such as, secret is the sauce girls.
I’ll make a post on that sometime soon on some more specific groups to consider joining.
It’s great to be a part of a community to learn and get inspired by other aspiring bloggers.


Step #4. Create an Instagram

Some bloggers do, some don’t, I love Instagram and so I definitely made one.
I basically just create photos with my blog links in the description.
Making Instagram pictures are a lot easier because you don’t necessarily need to put texts on the pictures because Instagram users are mainly drawn to the photos themselves rather then the text on the photo, if that makes sense.
Again, it’s also yet another social media platform to promote your blog.
I also made my Instagram a business account, linking it to my Facebook to make it more professional looking.

I want to pause for a moment, you can also create a Twitter account, I haven’t ventured into that quite yet, although I know Twitter is very popular.
So go for it if you like, but remember to be focused on 2-3 social media sites and just be present on the others.



Step #5. Sign up for email marketing

I’ve done a lot of research and the most popular company to use for sending out emails to your subscribers is ConvertKit.
I’ve also heard from almost every blogger I came across how much they regretted not starting their email subscription list at first.
It’s so easy to think, “Who will even subscribe” or “What do I even email out?” but again, I’m trying to take the advice from the pro’s and I hope you do as well.
Get a reliable company that is easy to use.
For the first 0–1k subscribers it’s only $30 a month, which I went over price break down in The Actual Startup Cost Of A Blog, substitute that cost for Starbucks or other fast food you may purchase throughout the month.
The nice thing is, as your email list grows, so does ConvertKit.



Step #6. Get BoardBooster

What BoardBooster does is it allows you to schedule your pins so you don’t have to sit and Pin all day!
It’s free for your first 100 pins, $5 for your first 500 pins and so on.
Pretty inexpensive considering how important this tool is to have.
So get that signed up and ready to go.



Step #7. Get your Pinterest ready

Make your Pinterest professional looking, make a business profile and join group boards.
Again, another common theme I’ve heard quite often is to join every and all group boards you can.
You obviously won’t get accepted into all, but it’s good to increase your chances.
It’s good to be super polite, speak about what you love about the group and hope to be accepted, if not be gracious about the rejection.

The take away here is to get everything ready, launch your site, if its affiliate marketing you want to venture into then apply to those and wait.
Once your site gets approved, start loading your pins, starting tweeting, posting on Instagram and Facebook to drive customers to your site.
From that point on is when you want to start creating weekly content and watch your traffic grow!

Pin it for later!

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