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In another post I did, I broke down The Actual Startup Cost Of A Blog
I went into detail about how you can save money on the most important part of your blog, your website.
In case you didn’t read that post, I wanted to specifically make a post targeting this problem and how a new blogger can save money.

1. Payments Plans

I’m going to provide the best deal first in my opinion.
Not a lot of web designers offer this, but MechOrigin | Designs & Web offers payments plans and will completely create your WordPress site for as little as $100.
Sometimes it’s hard coming up with even $300 to just throw down all at once.
I haven’t quite seen anywhere else that offers prices as low as $100
So going with companies that are willing to be flexible and mirror your budget is probably the best way to go.


2. Post Flyers At A College

Ask anyone who understands how to create a website to contact you.
This may seem totally out of anyone’s comfort zone or seem sketch, but it doesn’t have to be.
You can make up your own contract, of course once they are done creating your site you can change your password.
A lot of university students who are studying in web design or software would love to add a designed website to their resume.
So your not only benefiting form this, your actually helping someone grow closer to their own goals.
A reasonable amount to pay is $300.

3. Spread The Word On Social Media.

Again, word gets out online, someone’s cousin’s brother may have a hobby of web design that you would never have known about had you not posted your idea on social media.
Get the word out there and I guarantee you’ll at least get one response back.
Word Press provides such an easy way to customize a site, high school kids these days can code websites, my brother in law is 18 and is able to do this.
I  am not in anyway discrediting web designers with years of experience, I am noting that because many kids in high school and university grew up in the age of technology.
It’s a hobby for a lot of young adults.
A reasonable amount to pay is $300.

4. Google it.

Again, a lot of people that do webdesign on the side or are studying it may be trying to build up their resume and a post already exists online.
Google and check around for adds for people offering discounts as they are just starting up.
Because a web designer would use your Word Press site, that eliminates so much coding that has to be done, in which case that should cut down hundreds of the cost.
A reasonable amount to pay is $300.

5. Do It Yourself

If you are tech savvy then get your domain name, download a theme on WordPress and code it yourself.
WordPress is the only way to go for blogging, it’s the biggest community for blogging right now and the themes are so easy to use.
With instructions, I began playing around with my new theme and site coding things myself.
Because I had a time frame, I didn’t want to risk doing everything myself.
I believe I absolutely could have because my theme offered so many tutorials and instructions.
So if you have the time and you know a thing or two about coding, go for it.
It’ll save you tons of money!

I hope some of these ideas helped. If you want to save a few hundred dollars, then definitely check out alternative options to creating your website. Remember $200-$400 is a reasonable amount for someone to do this on the side as it could take them a couple weeks to create your site with the easy tools and plugins WordPress offers.
Again, I am not in anyway saying web designers are overcharging by charging $500-$750, however with their experience it isn’t worth it for them to charge less, they have a flat rate for creating sites, it obviously various depending on the complexity, but a minimum rate they charge.

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Do you have any money saving alternatives for creating a website, if so, please share!

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