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So once you found your perfect domain name that isn’t taken, you balanced the cost and profit you could make, you figured out the first couple resources on how to earn income, now your probably wondering, “How do I get people to notice my blog?”
I was SO confused when I first started, I thought I would share this on my Facebook, probably get some friends and family to tell some of their friends and yeah that was my plan…
I thought I had to maybe spam my Instagram feed trying to get people to take notice to my blog and so on.
No, no and NO!

Do you have Pinterest? Most of you will probably answer “yes“.
Even if you don’t, that’s OK, I’m’ sure you’ve heard of it before!
You may be wondering what in the world this app has to do with your blog and I’m going to tell you the easiest way you can get traffic to your site…
Your Pinterest is your secret weapon, let it be your best friend.

Millions of people use Pinterest every single day, it’s literally a bloggers secret weapon because when you upload pins onto Pinterest you are exposing that picture – which is linked to your site – which exposes your blog to literally thousands of people daily.
If your still a little confused, don’t worry!
I’m going to go into more detail in my next emails in this course so you definitely don’t want to miss out on that!

Your going to want to create beautiful, eye catching pins that entice people to click on your pins, view your site (the link to your specific post will be in your pin description) and people will see your site.
Imagine if you had affiliate ads, affiliate products, email newsletters and so much more, now everyone is able to see all of this JUST from Pinterest.
It’s free marketing is what it really is. It’s a completely free way to market yourself and your blog. It’s as simple as that.

Ever heard of Group Boards before? If not, it’s a group of people contributing to one board on Pinterest. The Group Boards for blogging are an absolute must if you want to really grow your traffic.
Just think, if you get accepted into even just one group board of say 200 bloggers all contributing their pins to their site, if you start loading your pins into that board, your going to expose your blog to 200 new set of potential viewers! Hopefully that makes sense.
Joining a Group Board can be intimidating, as most are closed groups.
My quick tip is to apply for as many Group Boards as possible.
You won’t get accepted into all, but like my little example I just gave, even 1 group is going to help you out so much.
Graciously accept it if you aren’t accepted, thank them and don’t unfollow that group board to smite anyone.
You never know, down the road as you grow you will most likely get accepted.
Most boards have rules, so when applying make sure to acknowledge that you understand the rules and will abide by them.
Some rules will say “Do not pin more then 3 times a day” or “re-pin for every pin you post” those are easy rules to follow hey!?
I remember my first Group Board I got accepted into, it wasn’t huge but it was a Group Board none the less.
Within a month I was accepted into 13 Group Boards with hundreds of contributors and millions of pins.
I can’t really quite explain what good that did for my website…

Now your probably wondering how to create pins like the ones you may already have all over your boards, don’t worry it’s super easy.
I’m going to talk about that later on in the course.
I’m not trying to be a jerk and make you wait in suspense, but the whole point of this course is to not overwhelm you.
If I piled on a bunch of info all at once, I really think it could do more harm then good.
I really want you to absorb all this information I’m providing, do your own research and see for yourself!

In the meantime, I strongly recommend you to clean up your Pinterest account.
What I mean by this is by making your Pinterest account a business account, which means you will link your website into your Pinterest profile, again, very easy.
Next start cleaning up your boards by putting the boards that have mostly to do with blogging at the top.
The first roughly 14 boards are like your storefront.
When you get accepted into Group Boards, your going to want your page to look professional and clean.

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