I would like to note that I feel very strongly that every woman should not have to compare themselves to an unrealistic magazine expectation of what they have to look like on their wedding day.
I do however, believe there is nothing wrong with prepping or “beautifying” yourself before the big day, as long as it’s in a positive and not obsessive way šŸ™‚ I talkĀ  more about this in my article A Letter To All Brides.
Through my own mistakes and learning the mistakes of others, I’ve collaborated 5 of the most important things I think soon-to-be-bride’s mustĀ  consider when thinking of beautifying themselves for the wedding.

1. Don’t get a spray tan if you’ve never had one before! (You may look like a carrot on the big day)
Do go for a quick tan if your into that, make sure you build your tan, don’t go for too long and monitor how your skin reacts

2. Don’t use a mask you haven’t tried before, you could break out or get a rash right before the wedding (yikes!)
Do use any other face washes or products you know your skin isn’t irritated by

3. Don’t get a Brazilian the week before the wedding , get it at least a month and a half before to see how you react from it. Also just to see how you can tolerate it, you don’t want to have a half done job!
Do get one if you have gotten them regularly.

4. Don’t wait til the last minute to get lashes done if you don’t get them done regularly
Do get them done a couple months ahead to see if you like the thickness, length and price

5. Don’t get your nails done too early…
Do Get your nails done a day or two before to avoid breaking them or scuffing them up!

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