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This is the side to blogging that no one wants to ever talk about.
It’s what I call the dark side of blogging, because it is the dark side, the upside down, underneath topic to avoid.
Everything is not made of frills, rainbows and butterflies.
I want all my posts to be authentic and honest.
I want to share the “not so fun” facts we bloggers or people considering blogging, must face.

1. You Go In Blind.

You don’t know who your audience is until you “talk” to your audience.
You may have a niche in mind, however once you get started, you could totally be turned around and in a totally different niche by the end of the month.
You may set out to blog about fitness, however your recipe posts go viral.
It’s a lot of testing, research, hard work and guessing most of the time.
The good news is, once you figured out which posts will be a hit (which more times then not, it will be what you least expect) you will then learn how to attract your audience.


2. Don’t try And Please Everyone, You May End Up Pleasing No One.

Once you gain a lot of traffic and views, the goal is most likely to get people to click on your adds.
You may even experiment with advertising your own products you hope to sell.
The problem with this is that if you try and sell something that you think everyone will benefit from and you don’t end up making what you thought.
It’s because your trying to create something general rather then specific.
You may try and sell an eBook from Amazon on hacks to organize your life which is very general and not make a ton of sales.
However sell an eBook explaining meal plans and what people should be making/eating throughout the week, that’s a more specific target and you would profit much more from this.

3. Not Everyone Is Made For Blogging

This is a harsh reality to face but it couldn’t be anymore true.
If your constantly pulling ideas from other bloggers, sharing their blog posts and pictures your not really a blogger.
I’m sorry, your just using a bunch of guest posts to get page views, that may work for a while, but you have to set yourself apart from every other blogger.
You will be another Pin on Pinterest that says “Life Hacks You Gotta Try” and unfortunately that same general post already thousands of other bloggers have already thought of.
You have to make your content unique and same goes for your pictures.
You have to eat, breathe and live your blog.
You don’t start off being able to take days off or weeks. If you truly want to quit your day job, every other waking moment you will have to 100% be focused on your blog.
Not everyone is willing to put in that amount of effort or are willing to use their creativity to come up with original content.


I apologize for such a melancholy type post, however it’s a topic definitely¬† worth considering.
I found very few posts on this topic and it’s nice to sometimes hear the non fluffy side to things, the realistic side!

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What are the other “not so fun” sides to blogging, please share any thoughts!

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