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With so many techniques out there on how to drive traffic to your site, I found 4 methods that seem to be a common theme for all successful bloggers I came across.
These helped me out so much, hopefully they will help you as well!
Remember that driving traffic to your site is one of the most important components to gaining views, subscribers and making income!

1. Title

The title I think is the most important because it’s what we read that grabs our attention.
When I first started creating Pins, I literally had no idea what to title them as.
I thought I was creative, yet when it came down to creating pins I froze.
I came up with ideas like, “Top Games To Play At A Bridal Shower” or “Ways I Organized My Home!”
I thought those were pretty good and related to what I was writing about.
Those were not okay and the reason they weren’t is because those titles are very boring.
I am giggling as I am typing this because looking back on the titles I came up with, I just shake my head.
Think about it, if your on Pinterest and came across a pin that read, “Ways I Organized My Home!” would that really make you want to know the ways in which I organized my home? Absolutely not!
From doing more researching, seeing what Pin titles were getting clicked on the most, looking at my own boards seeing why I Pinned the Pins I did, the light bulb began to turn on in my head.
So using those 2 examples earlier about my boring old Pin titles, I recreated them using adjectives and words that created a sense of urgency.
“10 Bridal Shower Games You HAVE To Play” and “5 Organization Hacks That Will Change Your Life Forever” sound way more exciting and makes someone actually want to see what all the fuss is about.
Also putting in numbers if necessary in the titles allows a person to click more likely.
People like to know how many tips they have to scroll through and so on.


2. Pictures

The picture(s) you use to create your Pinterest Pins are also super important.
Is it colorful, inviting? Is the editing and Photoshop professional looking?
Does it have anything to do with what the topic is about?
The site I use for creating all of my pictures is PicMonkey
I used to use it to edit photos back in the day, I was so excited to see they have pre made templates for Pinterest, Instagram and more! So if your not super Photoshop savvy, no problem! This site is so easy to use to create awesome Pins.
Now as I cringe, giggle and my cheeks turn read I will share my very first Pins I created on PicMonkey, ready?


I am actually laughing out loud as I am adding these to this post. If anyone’s pictures look similar to this I am not making fun of you at all. I am laughing at myself because this does not look professional at all.
The writing is small, the photos aren’t professional, there is no sense of urgency, its bland and its boring.
Again, after doing my research, I evolved quite a bit (thank goodness). Here are some random examples I created.


These look more professional, the font, color, pictures and everything are 1000x more inviting.


3. Group Boards

Joining group boards so your pin gets more attention is another method bloggers use to get tons of views and clicks to the links on their site


4. Content

Last but not least is content. It’s the overall look of the photo, title, where its pinned, where the link takes the viewer, the description underneath, all of these factors play a huge roll in gaining traffic.
If you turn your Pinterest into a professional business account, that’s when your gonna get the most views.

Pin it for later!


What other methods do you think are important in monetizing your blog?

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