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I first had a blog using another site, I wrote about a lot of life experiences that I shared on Facebook and Instagram.
I had people view my blogs and I received mostly positive feedback.
The problem was, most of the people actually viewing my site were Facebook friends and family.
No one outside of that circle was viewing my blog.
The cold hard truth for any blogger that wants to make money is as followed and p.s. I’m sorry in advance haha.
Not many people want to read about your personal life.
I’ll let that sink in for a sec…
It was a hard pill for me to swallow at first!
The truth be told is that people don’t want to know how you forgave your friend that hurt you or how you overcame anxiety.
People want to know how they can benefit from something or learn a new tip quickly.
Topics like, how to bake the perfect cake, organization tips, ideas for birthday gifts and so on.

When I first came to that realization I had two problems that hindered me from succeeding in blogging.
1. I refused to write about anything other then my personal experiences.
2. I refused to actually make a professional blog website.
3. Didn’t know if I should have 1 topic to write about or several

1. I figured, I will write about what I think people need to know and I don’t have to risk putting the funds and work into creating a eye popping blog.
The problem with both those two things are that with that mind set, no one will read the posts and it can’t become a profitable site.
For some, that’s fine if writing is just a hobby.
However, if your like me and wanted to take your writing to the next level, some sacrifices and changes had to be made.
I want to be clear though, this does not mean you cannot write about your life experiences, I completely disagree.
I know a lot of bloggers will disagree with me whole heartily on this and perhaps this may hinder me for gaining followers, however I don’t believe all you have to write about is your top 5 favorite hair products and that’s it.
Again, if your like me, you love psychology, you love writing about your experiences, you hope to inspire and encourage your readers, then go ahead and include those deeper posts in your blog.

So my point in saying aaalll this is, if your wanting to make a profitable blog and not just as a hobby, your going to have to expand your topics.
However not to expand too much, if your blog has personal experiences, job opportunities, surveys, tips for being a mom and about yoga, your going to have difficulties finding loyal readers.
Those topics are too all over the place, that’s not finding your niche, your trying to please way too many groups of people and unfortunately you may end up pleasing no one.
I don’t agree anyone should be inauthentic though.
If you don’t like cooking, don’t write about recipes, copying them from other sites, taking pictures of other peoples creations and planting it on your blog won’t reflect yourself.
I think being yourself is the best way to gain followers, but true loyal ones.
I’m sure it works for some people, if they’re OK with it, however my motto is to be real.
I can’t write about things that I’m not passionate about, it would be a slow and difficult process for me.

So, if you have other passions other then your life experiences, write about them!
Be open to writing about what crafts you’ve made, what hair styles you’ve come up with, what sewing creations you’ve made and so on.
As you can see on my page I have created a specific category for my deeper posts.
I have put all my personal life experiences in there, I’ve put the word out there on social media in hopes people will read them, even if I could inspire at least 2 people, I feel satisfied.
If 1000 others benefit from my recipe page, great.
When I started doing research about what to blog about, I was really discouraged when I read that you can’t write about your life. I understand why, however I don’t agree you can’t include that on your blog.
Again, this may effect me negatively, but It’s important to me and may be to you as well.

2. So the part about whether to invest in a professional website is unfortunately true.
If you start getting traffic on your site and it doesn’t look professional, no one will want to read it, and the websites that can offer you ways of making money (which I talk about in my article How Bloggers Make Money, Explained Simply) won’t accept your application.

3. Last but not least, some bloggers will say it’s good to have one niche, for example: A Mom Blog.
A blog where you will only talk about everything to do with being a mom, raising kids to what products you love and trust.
That’s totally fine, if you are a mother that is a HUGE market, one I cannot enter, as I am not yet a mother.
My only caution with one niche market, is that you are taking a risk by completely limiting yourself to one topic.
Your branding yourself as a mother and your only market will obviously be other mothers.
For some, that works awesome and they are doing absolutely well in financially, but does that make sense when you first start that it could limit your audience and in some way, hurt you in the long run?
If your not a mother, your not even married, or you are but don’t want to limit your blog posts just to weddings (which is SUPER competitive) then maybe you want to broaden your niche market.
What I mean by that is not limiting yourself to just one subject, being a lifestyle blogger gives you the ability to broaden your audience as well as your posts.
You can write about lifestyle hacks, weddings, mom stuff, cleaning tips, fitness tips, travel stories and so much more.

I think when first starting out it’s a good idea to not limit yourself, I know some bloggers will totally disagree with this method but do your own research, see for yourself and decide.
Make the decision if you want to risk into a saturated market like Weddings or Mom Blogs (which is totally fine, go for it that’s what you absolutely want)
but be prepared for major competition.
Decide whether or not you rather broaden your posts, write about multiple different topics and do your own market research to see which of your pins do well versus the others.
Sometimes being a lifestyle blogger, which is so general, will actually help you narrow down your perfect niche market.
A lot of bloggers eventually just do really great video tutorials for huge profile, because they’ve gained so much exposure, they get thousands of views on their site constantly, have tons of loyal customers and so on.
Those bloggers didn’t start out that way is what you have to remember, one of the top bloggers of all times, Michelle from “Making sense of cents” first started out as a lifestyle blogger, eventually mainly wrote about money saving tips with her financial schooling background to now where she just does video tutorials mainly.
If you narrow down to one niche market and make it big right off the bat, kudos to you, that’s extremely rare.
However if your like I was, you don’t have a ton of extra money, basically your entire world is relying on your blog to take flight, then I strongly suggest you broaden your niche market.
As you begin to write, you will learn what your good at, what your not, what you enjoy writing about, what you don’t, what gets re-pins and lots of views as well as what doesn’t get any attention.

That being said, if you have WAY too many categories, that may stretch you too thin.
Writing about the little bits you know about weddings, to the couple trips you took, the odd cleaning hacks you learned, how to speak another language, money saving tips and everything to do with ballet is a bit too broad.

It’s all about finding the balance. Don’t write about too many super broad topics that are all across the map but maybe at first don’t limit yourself to just one niche market either.


So I hope the take away here is if you aren’t wanting to make money on the side, write about whatever your heart desires and don’t worry about paying to create a site.
If you do want to make money from blogging, don’t feel discouraged your entire blog won’t profit by you sharing your opinions and life experiences.
Please be open to writing about other topics, preferably that inspire you.
If you don’t like cooking, don’t write about recipes.
Your going to have to do your own research to find your own blogging niche.
What topics inspire you and what readers want to read.
Be aware your going be open to spending some money towards your site



What topics inspire you?
What will your blogging niche be?

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