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During the cold weather nothing is better then curling up in a blanket and sipping something warm.
I’ve always been mainly a coffee drinker and so I’ve only gotten into drinking tea as of lately.
There are so many health benefits from drinking tea, I’m sure you’ve heard many of them before, but they seriously work!
Not only do teas have crazy health benefits, specific teas can help promote weight loss, boost your metabolism and detox your body.
In light of the winter that is swiftly approaching, I made a list of cozy teas you can drink that not only keep you warm, but will detox all the Halloween candy I’m sure you had (I’m guilty of this too) and help you shed off all the delicious food I’m sure your about to have this holiday season (I know I am!)

I often refer to Eat This, Not That for my fitness life hacks, so I credit them for all this awesome stuff I found on teas! Visit their site for more expert details about this teas!

1. Green Tea

Lipton green tea is classic, but did you know it
also unblocks your fat cells? Even better!


2. Mint Tea

This prevents food cravings, especially  when
you really don’t need a second heaving helping
of mashed potatoes this fall!!

3. White Tea

This tea will prevent new fat cells from forming


4. Rooibos Tea

Love rooibos, it helps regulates fat-storage hormones

5. Oolong Tea

This tea will help boost your
metabolism so you burn fat quicker


If your looking for other weight loss tips this fall,
I talk more about other quick methods to ignite your body into “losing healthy weight” mode in my other article: 3 Tips To Start Losing Weight Quick



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What are your favorite fall teas?

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