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Mornings can be stressful, whether you have kids or not, everyone likes hitting “snooze” and getting a little extra sleep.
If your one of the few that gets up before your alarm, koodos to you!
With my busy schedule, I found these little changes to my morning routine to serve a very helpful purpose in giving me more time in the mornings.
Nothing is more satisfying then knowing you simply have: Time

1. Make lunch night before and breakfast.

2. Set your alarm 15 min earlier then when it needs to go off.

3. Have coffee ready or if your not picky have it ready to just throw in the microwave and add sugar etc.

4. leave your clothes out the night before.

5. Don’t turn the TV on, don’t go on your phone either, its distracting.

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What ways do you save time in the mornings?

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