Bachelorette Party’s or Stagette’s, whatever you’d like to call them are a memory a Bride will never forget.
Here are some fun games that I’ve personally planned and/or watch played out and seriously suggest these games for the bridal gang to play!

1. Scavenger Hunt

Break everyone up into 2 teams.
Have 2 printouts for everyone to follow.
Have a list of items that the teams have to find or do that are worth points.
It could be funny things like:
– Take a picture with a police officer
– Collect 5 guys numbers
– Post on a guy’s snapchat
You can make them as daring, simple or funny as you want.
Everything has to be documented of course.
At the end of the night, whichever team has the most points wins either a prize or gets free drinks bought by the losing team.

2. Dice Dare

Have dice or you can download a dice app before hand on your phone.
Whenever the bride says the forbidden words:
– Her fiance’s name
– The word “Wedding”
– any other words you don’t think she should say/think about during this weekend away
Roll the dice, whichever number it lands on, check your list and she has to do whatever is associated to that number.
For example:
She says the word “Wedding Planning”.
You roll the dice, it lands on #4.
Check your list, beside #4 it says, “Stand up on a table and sing baba black sheep loudly”.
The bride has to immediately do that dare right then and there.
You can make it funny, tame or completely ridiculous.

3. Drink Off

Split everyone into 2 teams.
Each team has a random array of drinks, mixes, fruits and ingredients.
The two teams have to use the items given and concoct some sort of drink.
The bride gets to choose which team wins.

4. Take a Bow

Tie pink or whatever color is associated to your theme, tie them around each girls wrist.
Whenever the bride removes that ribbon from that girl, she has to buy the bride a drink.

5. Sentimental Sticky Notes

Have each girl write on a sticky note a very brief sentence about a memory she has with the bride.
The bride has to guess which friend wrote that, the friend then has to share the entire story.
It doesn’t just have to be sentimental though, you could also turn it up a notch and associate it to an embarrassing memory of the bride or a more daring memory.

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