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Everyone dreams about being able to work from home, however when it really comes down to it, sometimes having too much time on your hands can be overwhelming.
It’s easy to get distracted in your own home, you may have kids, there’s TV, temptation to stay in bed and plenty other things that can distract you from working.
For some, it can take a ton of self-discipline to have good work ethic.
Here are 5 different ways you can stay motivated at home and keep your focus!

1. Work Space

This is by far the most important component to staying focused at working from home.
No one wants to work in a cluttered work space where they can’t find papers to jot things down and so on.
I originally started working with two desks pushed together (lol…) my wall calendar wasn’t even hung it was placed on one of the desks, my printer was hidden under piles of notepads I made doing researching, everything was so cluttered and my desk was too small.
I really fully believe the atmosphere you create will harbor your ability to create.
IKEA has such affordable desks, although you may not be able to afford this right away, make it a goal, put it on your Christmas or birthday list, get a new work space.
Get yourself a big calendar for your wall, not just the small ones on the phone, those are great but it’s nice to have a big visual.
Make a vision board to motivate yourself, make sticky notes filled with positive quotes.
Get a nice lamp that gives soft lighting, that also makes a huge difference, for me anyways.

I want to introduce my work space! It’s not yet complete, however it’s coming along quite nicely.
Everything here is super inexpensive, creating a work space that harbors your creativity, gives you peace, allows you to concentrate and helps you focus!


2. Schedules

Make yourself a schedule, you probably have some on your phone, but as I said in my last note, it’s good to have an actual visual.
Get a physical pocket day planner, get a white board to write out what you want to accomplish.
It’s great to make a timed schedule so you an allow yourself to take breaks and work hard up until those breaks.


3. Have Goals

Again with the white board thing. Write out some goals, for example: Write 2 blog posts today, make 4 Pins for Pinterest for each article and 1 Instagram picture for each article.
Setting goals allows you to work towards something, it feels so satisfying when you achieve what you set out to do!

4. Take Breaks

Breaks are important, especially when your cooped up inside sitting all day.  In your schedule make sure to allocate specific times to take a break. Stretch, eat, grab some water, go outside, refresh yourself. Sometimes if you sit too long you can space out, I do and I end up making serious Photoshop or typing errors I look back at.
The times I’ve done this are the times I didn’t let myself take a break, I rush, I stress and I get so entranced with what I’m doing. Give yourself a break once in a while.


5. Eliminate Distractions

I love having music on, it creates a good work environment for me. For others, music doesn’t help at all, in fact it becomes distracting. Whether it be needing the TV on or off, listening to music or not, facing your desktop away from a window, whatever it is you need to do, let yourself do what is necessary to eliminate all distractions.

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What are your tips for staying productive?

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