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I wrote a whole post on The Legalities Of Blogging.
I wanted to specifically make a post on the free sites I’ve found that offer tons of free beautiful photos you can use on your blog and not having to worry about copyright rules!
If you don’t want to worry about crediting the original sources for every photo, especially when having to make a ton of pictures for Pinterest, then these sites are for you!
This will be a very vague post because the sites are pretty explanatory, just got ahead and click the titles to view the sites.
If you really do some digging, there are tons of overwhelming options out there.
I mainly selected the ones I found the most relevant and useful in regards to blogging

1. Unsplash

2. StyledStock


4. Burst

5. Negative space

6. FoodiesFeed

7. Pexels

8. Gratisography

9. Picography

10. MMT Stock

11. Skitterphoto

12. Pixabay

13. IM free

14. Kaboompics

15. Picjumbo

16. Shotstash

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