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Our honeymoon wasn’t perfect, but I’m glad I did all planning and research ahead of time.
For most people, like myself, we had to book our honeymoon in advance which worked around the wedding and our work schedules.
I made a list of tips I found to be helpful through the process that will hopefully help the “soon to be brides” when planing your romantic getaway!

1. You don’t have to splurge unless you want to!

If your like me and didn’t ever go on a vacation with your man until your honeymoon (#christianlife haha) then maybe you do want to splurge, however we did.
I mentioned in another post I scrimped out on flowers etc, because we really wanted to have enough to make a memorable honeymoon.
I have friends that went away simply for a weekend and had such a romantic time.
It doesn’t have to be a big extravagant trip, or it could, every couple is different so don’t feel pressured to do something huge.
Also don’t feel bad about it either if you’ve saved and are in a much needed vacation.
My husband had never left the country prior to us getting married, so yea.. we left the country!!

2. Book it off!!

Make sure once you nail down a wedding date, to let your work know in advance.
This seems like such an obvious tip, however it gets long forgotten under the huge pile of other wedding duties.

3. Don’t stay too long, but don’t stay too short.

You want to make it memorable, but you also don’t want to stay too long that you end up being bored.
Sometimes making a trip a bit longer then 7 days and a little less then 2 weeks can give you more motivation to make the best of it.

4. Don’t feel pressured to do every single adventurous thing.

Make a list of a few things you can afford and do, and don’t feel bad for sitting back and laying in bed all day or relaxing under the sun.
Wedding planning is exhausting, let yourself relax before you head back into the hustle and bustle of life.

5. To leave right after the wedding, or to not?

Now some will completely disagree, but I loved leaving right after the wedding, it was nice to continue the excitement of the wedding, for me sitting at home a couple days after wasn’t what we wanted.
I hear that’s rare, but if your like me, don’t worry about taking off right away, let the festivities continue.
However if your the opposite and you want to relax a couple days, open gifts and catch your breath, do that also.
Really decide with your fiance what you both want to do and what’s best for you both.

6. Packing

Obviously don’t pack too much, most things you think you need you don’t ,especially if your going somewhere where you’ll be in a bathing suit most of the time.
This tip goes for any sort of travel, the less = the better.

7. You don’t have to plan your honeymoon

Seriously though, don’t be afraid to pawn this chore off to the guy.
If you got a lot going on with the wedding let someone else do this.
Planning the honeymoon involves a lot of research, or maybe its you that’s more travel savvy, give some tasks to someone else then.
Planning a honeymoon can be simple depending on where your going, but if your going far, it has to be certain dates and a budget then it’ll take some careful planning.
I’ve found with most of my friends the guys love doing this part, so let them at it!

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