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The excitement and maybe some panic may set in immediately after getting engaged.
Some get so excited they have no idea what to do next.
Some panic and feel overwhelmed with what to do in what order.
Here’s a list in order of things to do right after getting engaged.
I found this helpful, I didn’t do everything in order, I wish I found a list like this when I got engaged!


1. Tell your family and close friends before making it public
2. Make sure your ring is insured, if not get it done!!
3. Select your wedding party. They can be a huge help especially if they already are married
3. Arrange an engagement photo shoot if your doing one
4. Make a wedding date range
5. Set budget range
6. Select venue options
7. Draft guest list which helps narrow down venue
8. Start searching for wedding theme and decor
9. Find thee dress


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