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Why have a vision board? well, why not?
Creating a visual to plan out your next trip, what debt you wanna pay off, who inspires you, what motivates you, what you’ve overcome or what goal you want to accomplish, its the best way to see what you want to achieve or attain.
I love vision boards, I’m not even good at crafts but I actually found it fun making one.
I feel more motivated, inspired and have a better sense of direction in life.

Here’s a list of ideas for those stumped on what exactly to put on your vision board:

1. A new skill your going to learn

2. A place you’d like to visit

3. A book you’d like to read

4. A letter your going to write (don’t have to send it)

5. A food your gonna try

6. Something your going to do better at

7. A person that inspires you that you’d like to be more like

8. A habit you’d like to break

9. A good deed you will do

10. A new hobby to take up

I encourage you to go out today, get some crafts together and create your first vision board.
You will feel so much more organized and motivated!

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What other things can you add to your new vision board?

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