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Maybe you already got him an engraved watch, got him tickets to see his favorite sports team play, took him on a weekend getaway or bought him his favorite players jersey.
You’ve done all the cliche gift ideas and you’ve run out of ideas, or as I did, you don’t always have the funds to do such extravagant gifts.
I created this list of unique and inexpensive ideas to do for your significant other that he will enjoy!
This post is stamped with man approval!

1. Fancy Diner at home

Rather then taking your man out for a fancy diner, make it at home.
Not only is it cheaper, but he can have any and everything his heart desires.
I did this once, I served shrimp appetizers with my own sauce, for diner a huge steak and roasted potatoes.
For dessert I made him an extravagant ice cream Sunday.

2. Spa

Either get him a spa gift card (even if they don’t admit it, they will love this) or do a spa night for your guy by running a nice bath, put Epson salts and bubble baths in that.
Fix him his favorite drink and give that to him
When he’s out, give him a massage on his back AND feet.
Men like to be pampered too!

3. Make a man bouquet.

Get a bucket of some sort, stuff it full of socks, underwear, his favorite drinks, favorite candy, maybe some magazines or word puzzles if he likes those.
I did this before and got sticks from a craft store to wrap items around to make them stick out like an actual bouquet, except it’s “manly” of course!
If this idea doesn’t interest you, another simple thing a guy would like is simply wrap his favorite drink or a pack of beer with a ribbon, simple yet effective.

4. Different movie experience

Take him to a VIP movie theater where he can be served while laying back and watching a movie.

5. Sweet nothings in a jar

Write down all the things you like about him, cut them up so each one is on a separate piece of paper.
Get a jar, plaster it with pictures of you both.
Place the pieces of paper inside so the jar holds memories and/or things you love about him.
Add any other things like movie stubs, concert tickets or anything else that holds special memories and place it into the jar.

6. Surprise him

Call one of his friends and round up a manly game of paint ball for all his buddies to enjoy.

7. Race cars

If you have a car racing track nearby, take him there.
It’s not super cheap, but it’s a great experience you both will enjoy.
Not a cheap little car around a little track either, I’m talking about an actual car racing place where you have a big track indoor or out where he can speed without getting a ticket!

8. Drink experience

Take him to a distillery or a brewery and try flats of various kinds of beers!

9. Comedy club

If he’s into comedy, take him to a comedy club have some drinks sit back and laugh.
It’s a unique experience you’ll both enjoy and remember!

10. Shop

Men like shopping too, surprise him and take him shopping!


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