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This is one of the funnest parts of planning a wedding.
I wanted to give a brief overview of some tips I  learned.

  • Do scan everything, I mean everything, because even if you don’t get most of what you want, most places like Bed Bath & Beyond will offer you a discount for all your purchases if they are on your registry.
    If you don’t scan everything you want and you try purchasing the items after your wedding, they can’t offer you a discount.
  • Don’t feel bad for scanning everything or feel greedy. Your not (hopefully)
    It won’t come off rude towards your guests, it’s actually helping your guests in many ways.
    The biggest way it helps is because it allows people to have a huge set of options.
  • Do ask a consultant in the department for registering to give you a list of basic house hold things.
    This was a lifesaver for me, remembering to get a whisk or even corning ware did not come to my mind when I went to register.
    It’s so easy to think of all the basics that all the little things that your not used to buying are totally forgotten.
    Even if your used to living alone and have for years as I did, there’s tons of stuff you totally forget about or really could use.
    Having a list to of necessary options given by a consultant who does this for a living is a lifesaver.
  • Don’t scan only expensive items. It’s not fair to guests, you need to scan things that are low costing for those that can’t afford a lot and also to give people more options when purchasing your gifts.
    Again, giving people more price options helps. Remember, even if guests don’t purchase the expensive items, you can always purchase them at a discount after the wedding.

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