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These life hacks will seriously change your life. I know they did for me.
If you already thought of these, then congrats you are way more organized then I was!
Your that much closer to a more organized home!

1. File folders or binders

Get file folders for passport , birth certificates, student loan, life insurance, marriage certificate, mortgage, vehicle maintenance records and more.
You can also organize these important items into binders (photo below).
This was a game changer for me, it’s so easy to find everything I need, when I need it because it’s readily available and organized in it’s proper category.
You can print out budget worksheets or create your own and place them into these binders to keep yourself completely organized!

2. Store all your tax receipts

get a big ziplock or file folder and keep all tax records for tax season
It would probably be more organized in some sort of folder, but for now, I like sticking them into a plastic ziplock bag.
Find whichever way works for you!

3. Big calendar & Whiteboard

Use a big calendar to mark all your schedules, get two different colors for each person to mark down when bills come out and appointments.
Also getting a whiteboard can totally help you organize upcoming goals and other things you want to visually see!

4. Get a day planner

keep a planner yes it works on your phone, but its nice to have a hard copy visual and mark down every time you spend money and other important notes to make throughout the day.

5. Have a receipt box

Have a receipt box if you budget, helps figure out some costs and have a visual for the budget verses using your online bank.
Don’t get me wrong, I love the apps I use on my phone, but for me it’s nice to have them in front of me, all my receipts that I can dip up, throw away and see.
It’s easy to go back to and review things.


I hope these helped, when I came up/across some of these ideas I couldn’t believe I had never thought of them before!

What are some of your life changing hacks to organize your life?

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