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If you have sensitive skin like I do and even if you don’t, these products are a must have!
These products work and the best part is, their inexpensive.
All of these products are under 15$ each!
Don’t get me wrong, some of the more pricey products do the job great,
however if you don’t necessarily always have the constant funds to spend a ton of money on skin care products, then these are for you.

1. Tea Tree Oil

Since I have oily skin, it reduces shine, cleans and refreshes my face after use.
I have noticed such a difference in using this face wash and you don’t need a ton either, so it lasts!
The Body Shop Tea Tree Mattifying Face Lotion, Made with Tea Tree Oil, 100% Vegan, 50ML

2. Aloevera Gel

It’s cool on the skin (Great in summer) and helps with acne.
I mix that with the next product on a cotton round and rub it into my skin.


3. Witch hazel

Never heard of it before until coincidentally I came across this product on Pinterest!
This product, Dickinson’s Witch Hazel 16 oz ,fights acne, reduces redness and blemishes.
As I said, mixing that on a cotton round with Aloevera gel has significantly made my face smoother, less red, less blotchy and gives it an even tone.
Side note, applying these last two products as a primer did wonders for me when I applied cover up.
It seriously worked better then my expensive primer, I had never seen my makeup go on so smooth and “airbrushed” until I used these on my face.

4. Palmers Cocoa Butter for face

This product most likely is more common because it helps with stretch marks and is mostly used for your body.
I came across this specific skin therapy oil for your face. Wow, so glad I did!
If you have acne scars, any scaring at all, scratches or bumps that haven’t gone away, this will almost completely reduce it.
I’ve used this product that targets stretch marks and I can’t say I’ve been overly “wowed”, however this product specifically for face usage only has done wonders.
I don’t have wrinkles…yet, but this supposedly helps reduce the look of wrinkles, so its a nice natural way for me to start nourishing my skin!
I put a couple drops of this oil on my face at night (in the day it makes my skin look way too oily…because it already is oily haha).


5. Freeman’s Face Masks

This product is also all over Pinterest as it should be! This inexpensive common mask is amazing.
These two are by far my favorite so far, however they have a tone of different kinds.
The dead sea mineral mask is mainly a mask which will exfoliate and remove dead skin!
The charcoal mask + sugar scrub works as both a mask as well as a scrub!
Feeling Beautiful Charcoal and Black Sugar Polishing Mask, 175-Milliliters
What I love about it is that you don’t have to use it as a mask, you can alternate between a scrub and mask!
On the plus side, these smell amazing.


6. Palmers cocoa butter Skin therapy oil

I mentioned this early, although I haven’t been “wowed” as I mentioned with the visibility of stretch mark reduction, being mixed race I get ALOT of uneven skin tone/blotchiness on my skin, primarily on my stomach. This product has completely reduced my blotchiness, it has made a dent on my stretch marks probably not as much as I’d like, but I really love how even it has made my skin tone.
I also have a large scar on my chest form heart surgery so the skin around the top almost appears to be wrinkly, this product has totally reduced the look of wrinkles on my skin.

7. Dove’s Purely Pampering Body Wash.

Last but certainly not least.
My favorite is Shea butter with vanilla, love the scent!
Aside from the scent, using this product in the shower does wonders for hydrating dry skin, especially in the fall!
Dove’s soap, Dove Purely Pampering Shea Butter with Warm Vanilla Scent Beauty Bar 4x90gis also another great
product to use in the shower as well!



Those are my newly discovered “must-have’s” for skin at this moment.
If I stumble upon anymore I will be sure to share!


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What are your skin care must have’s?

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