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I hope you had a chance to read my article on How to create a blog (step by step guide) where I briefly summarize the steps involved with creating a profitable blog.
Now I am going to go into much more detail on how to create the most important part of your blog, the actual website.
The biggest problem I found when starting out, was how to create the actual website, having no previous knowledge. Many sites tell you how to do things, but don’t go into much detail and I wanted to create posts that go into tons of detail, not to overwhelm you, but to give the most help possible.
Please feel free to make notes, but I promise I will try and be as detailed as possible.

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Step 1: Sign up for Web Hosting, Like Bluehost


I talked about the benefits of Bluehost in How to create a blog (step by step guide), please refer to it if you want to know more!
Most likely if your on this page though, you read about all the benefits of using a hosting site, like Bluehost and are ready to get going!
Great, let’s begin.
There are three plans, I chose the Basic Plan since you’re just starting out. It’s actually $3.95 a month right now and the best part about Bluehost is that this plan comes with a FREE DOMAIN NAME (the name of your website, mine for example is
Side note: Not many hosting sites provide a free domain name, there’s almost always extra costs, so yet another reason to choose Bluehost.
Side note #2: You will get your money back if you decide to back out on the deal you chose, need I say more!?

Just to be quick, if you didn’t read my blog post on What NOT To Do When Starting A Blog ,then I will quickly note that skipping out on using an actual legitimate hosting company won’t bring any profit for you. In that article I go over in more detail the scary costs to using a free blogging website, I’ll give a quick example: a free blogging website can shut down your account at any given time, especially if you have an onset of heavy traffic to your site (which you want). Scary.


Step 2: Creating Your Domain Name (name of your website)

Once you sign up with Bluehost, next you get to create the address for your website!
This is one of the more fun parts, it’s creating your own personal website name.
I would not recommend using your name and I don’t mean that to be rude.
Think of it this way, if you saw a site called:, you would probably think “who the heck is that?” the name means nothing to anyone, not that you don’t mean anything, but the name is not recognizable.
I did a lot of research on this, because creating a hosting name can get frustrating when the perfect name you want is taken, using your name will usually work (as long as you your name isn’t too common). However in doing research, learning form bloggers who are very successful, almost all articles cautioned on using your name, unless your blog goes viral and your a huge success, the next blog you create could definitely be your name, as people would recognize it.
When starting out, it’s good to just create something catchy, nothing too long or complicated, something people can easily remember.
If your stuck, google: “Domain Name Generators” to get some ideas!


Step 3: Fill Out Your Info…

So now you have signed up with Bluehost, You picked your perfect Domain Name (that isn’t taken, yay!)
Now your at the “Account Information” section, this part is pretty self explanatory.


Step 4: Pick Your Package

When you get to this section, your page should resemble this, with that one section checked off.
Don’t worry about the other add ons.
With Bluehost, they have great services such as, “chat”, I was able to ask someone about adding these extra costs and was able to get an answer right away in regards to these.
I was not pressured into adding anything on, which I love about Bluehost. For a blog, you don’t necessarily need to add anything on. So if your package information looks like the photo I showed above, your all good!


Step 5: Billing Info

Here is where you’ll fill out your credit card information, pretty simple.


Step 6: Create A Password

Next you will want to check your email for a confirmation email, click the link they provide to confirm your account and create a password!


Step 7: Sign In

Now that you created your Domain Name and password, you will be able to sign into your Bluehost account.
It will look exactly like this, with the “hosting login” section selected and highlighted blue, like in this photo.

Step 8: Install WordPress

Click on the button that says “Install WordPress.” You’ll see this under “Websites” (2nd orange icon).

Press the “start” button.


Step 9: Fill Out Domain and Site Info

Next is filling out some more information and click the green button that says “install now”.
It seems confusing because we started out on Bluehost, then ended up with WordPress, but your site info will be a new password and username for logging into your WordPress site.

Now WordPress is finally all installed!


Step 10: Admin URL

URL: (the whole address in the area on your browser where you type in website addresses).
I didn’t provide a photo because this part is super, super easy.
Type your website address in your browser URL field.
For example, if your website domain name is: add /wp-admin to log into your web browser.
So it should look like this when entering this in.

Once it loads, the page will look like this:

Where you will log into your account.

After you log in, that’s where you’ll decided what Theme you want and Who to design your website.
I talk about ways you can save money on building your site here.

Some Extra Tips…

Blog Themes

Now that this is all out of the way, you can begin picking a theme.
Bluehost/Wordpress has awesome themes to choose from.
Before you pick a theme, consider if your going to be hiring someone to create your website or not.
The reason I wanted to add this tip in, is because some themes aren’t meant for blogs, may be more difficult to code and a web designer will want to make sure you have picked a good theme.
In other cases, they will include choosing a theme for you and include that in your price.
So if you pay for your theme, remember if you end up hiring a web designer, if they can’t work with that theme, they will end up picking a different one anyways, so you will have wasted the money you spent on a theme.
I would hold off on a theme until you figure out if your hiring a web designer or not.
If your looking for ways to save money on designing your website then make sure to check out my article You Don’t Have To Go Broke Building A Website.
I talk about all the different ways you can save some money with designing a website!


Email List Builder

Another thing to note is determining which email list builder to pick.
You may see that in your WordPress site, MailChimp is available for free!
The problem with this is that because it’s free it can shut down for no reason, should it shut down it does not have the ability to transfer all your subscribers to a new email building list. You have to manually do it, which would literally take hours, if not days!
Imagine you built your list up to 1000 subscribers and it shut down. Now imagine transferring aaallllll those people to an entirely new email building list with a different company.
Even if you think, “I’m new and won’t get that many subscribers, I’ll save money and go with a free email builder”, please reconsider.
I can’t express enough how EASY ConvertKit is to use.
It’s easy to understand, tons of tutorials, quick and comprehensive customer support and the best part is, it saves your entire list.
Because it’s a legitimate company that you pay for, you pay for quality, your subscribers will never have to worry about spam, which is super important.
Nobody likes spam!
Yes, it’s $29.99 a month, but again, you pay for good quality, which is what you want your blog to be; a good quality blog.
Again with my whole comparison to monthly expenses we can all give up such as Starbucks, Mcdonalds, eating out for lunch, if you give up those little habits, you are potentially opening the door to making a lot of money online by going with Convertkit.
Click here if you want to find out more about it!

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Here are just a couple of my favorite bloggers that inspired me and swear by Bluehost and Convertkit


Melyssa Griffin

“New to list-building? ConvertKit provides juuust the right amount of features
without making things confusing or difficult to use.
I highly recommend it whether you’re just starting out or
already have thousands of peeps on your list”.


Michelle Schroeder-Gardner





“If you’re looking to start a WordPress blog for cheap,
then choosing BlueHost for your hosting needs may be your answer.
Bluehost is a great web host and I personally have had a great experience with them.”







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