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Everyone’s style on how to decorate their home is completely different to another person.
Luckily I found some unique ways to add personal touches to your home that can pretty much blend into whatever theme/style your going for.
Here are some cute Ideas to make your home more yours.
I found these ideas on Pinterest, some are my own photos, some I found on Pinterest.

1. Frame your first key

Get a key framed from the first home you shared with your significant other
This is from our first home together in the Okanagan, we got an extra key cut and even put a bible verse behind it.


2. Shadow box memory photos

Print out pictures of where you first met, engaged, married etc and frame it
I got these “Shadow Box” frames from Michael’s Craft Store.
You can also add more like the location of your honeymoon, first kiss and so on.
I went onto google maps, screen shot my photo using my keyboard, then used
Picmonkey photo editor to add the heart into the photo!

3. Wedding card collage

Photo From Etsy
I think this is such a neat way to utilize all your wedding cards.
Rather then sitting in a box, you can actually display them like this photo.
I haven’t gotten around to this craft yet, but one day!
If your not super crafty, you can always have this professionally done on Etsy.


4. Gallery Wall

Photo From: Domino Grid Gallary
Love this idea, again, have not been able to since we don’t own a home yet.
The second I do, is the second I’ll be making one of these for my wall!


5. Home coordinates & frame it

Photo From: Etsy
Again, another great idea you can have done for you on Etsy.
However it’s also simple enough to type in your exact address and google the coordinates.
You can create on Photoshop or a site where you can make photos with texts and frame your own too!

Pin it for later!

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