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Here’s how I make butter chicken just like from the restaurant, except it doesn’t cost as much!
If you don’t have a ton of time to make the sauce from scratch, this recipe is perfect for you!
It tastes just like how it would at a restaurant, you can tweak the recipe to your own liking!

Serves 2-4

You Will Need

2-3 chicken breasts: boneless & skinless
(I always use free range chickens)


Lemon Juice

Ground pepper

Naan bread



I usually use 3 chicken breast (my husband and I eat a lot).
However depends on how much you want to eat etc
For some, a couple chicken breasts will do.

  1. Start cooking the rice on low.
  2. Cut up the chicken breasts in dices.
    add butter to frying pan and add chicken breast, cook on low.
  3. Once chicken is cooked, slowly stir in Pataks sauce.
    I don’t make sauce from scratch, this recipe is for a quick meal.
    This sauce is the best sauce I have seen, I’m pretty sure they even make a low fat version now (even better).I usually add a couple squirts of lemon juice.
  4. I sprinkle some garlic and ginger into the recipe as well.
    Add some salt and pepper (I like mine full of spices) + basil
    I also add some curry powder into mine.
  5. Once rice is soft and cooked thoroughly, I add it into side dishes.
    I put the naan bread in the microwave for a 1min and 30 sec.
    They come out soft.

I cut them on a cutting board into 4 slices to serve.

I then add the cooked chicken that has been soaked in the sauce with all the spices, onto plates to serve.

Voila! This is one of my favorite fall time meals (on cheat day of course).


Takes about 35 minutes to make this meal. Tastes just as good as the real thing, plus its cheaper then eating out!


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