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I’m not a professional personal trainer, however I do have a passion for fitness.
I’ve consistently maintained a good workout regime for a number of years and I’ve learned a ton!
I traveled to Africa back in 2012 and gained quite a bit of weight (it’s OK, the experience was worth it!)
When I got back to Canada, not only did I feel unhealthy, I didn’t love what I looked like, had low energy and didn’t feel 100%.
So, I set out on a goal to shed the weight I had gained which I talk about in my article How I Lost 25 Pounds Within 3 Months!
I’ve never been a fan of comparing yourself to what the scale says.
I believe as long as YOU and no one else but YOU are happy with your body, irregardless of what you weigh, is the most important!
These are by far my favorite workouts to get an amazing butt because, who doesn’t want a nice tush!

Workout #1: Donkey Kicks

You will need: A dumbbell (optional)
Probably heard of these before, but here’s a refresher just in case!
Starting on your hands and knees, keeping your core tight and back flat, raise 1 leg keeping that raised knee at 90 degrees.
I use a 30 pound weight in the crease of where the back of my knee is, so I’m basically curling that weight when I raise my leg.
The weight is optional.
Push that leg as high as you can in the air and lower back down, repeat for 12 reps, then switch legs.
I aim for 4 sets of 12 reps (per leg).

Picture From: Pop Sugar


Workout #2: Adductor squats

You will need: A dumbbell
Make sure your feet stance is wider than hip width.
keep your back straight and arms locked with the dumbbell in the middle.
Slowly bend your knees so your in a squatting position, don’t let the weight touch the floor.
Slowly come back up to the start position and repeat.
I aim for 2 sets of 10 to 12 reps.

Photo From: Total Women Spa


Workout #3: Curtsy lunge

You will need: A dumbbell
Stand with your feet hip-width apart, and, keeping your weight on one foot, take a big step back with your other leg, crossing it behind your left leg (as if about to do a ‘curtsy’).Bend your knees and lower your body straight down until your front thigh is parallel to the floor, and both knees are bent at 90 degrees.
Rise back up into your starting position and do the same thing with the other leg.
Your toes should be pointed straight ahead the entire time, and keep your knee over your ankle to avoid injury.
I aim for 4 sets of 12 reps (per leg)

Photo From: Blog.Yes4all

Workout #4: Sumo squat

You will need: A dumbbell
Much like the adductor squat, this one targets different muscles in your glutes.
Start by taking an huge, wide stance. The more your feet are apart, the more you activate your glute muscles and not your quads (front of thighs).
Your feet should be pointing forward.
Holding the dumbbell in front of you (arms should not be flexed), with your back kept straight, bend your knees and send your hips backwards, lowering your body and the dumbbell as far as you can without compromising your posture.
Try to get the weight all the way to the ground (but don’t actually let it touch the ground).
Rise back to your starting stance, squeezing your butt at the top of the movement.
That’s it for rep one!
I aim for 4 sets and 15 reps.

Photo From: Dulce Diet


Workout #5: Hydrants With Leg Extension

You will need: A dumbbell (optional)
Much like the donkey kicks, get on all fours, try to keep a straight back.
Keeping the knee bent to a 90-degree angle, lift the right leg out to hip-height, then extend the raised leg straight out to the side.
Bring your leg back to starting position to complete one rep.
So it’s exactly like donkey kicks, but your instead of your leg going backwards, it’s going out to the side with the weight in the crease of the back of your knee.
The weight is optional, as you can do with or without.
I like the added challenge of clenching a weight, extending my leg out and bringing it back in.
I aim for 4 sets of 12 reps (per leg).

Photo From: Fitness and Power

Start your squat challenge either today, after Christmas to shed all the holiday season food or start as a new years resolution for next summer!


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