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Whether you work crazy hours like me, you have a lot on the go or you find it hard to relax or you are busy with kids, we all need to unwind at some point -especially at night!
I don’t have kids…yet, however I work crazy hours, I have had a lot going on and I have always had troubles unwinding.
I tried different ways to relax and found a few that worked for me.
I hope it will work for others as well!

1. Screen Free Time

First things first is to get off the cell phone, TV, computer, iPad, laptop and any other kind of technology.
As a society we spend way too much time behind a screen, studies have proven it’s healthy to get off approximately an hour before bedtime.
An hour or more before I go to bed, I don’t go on technology, my alarm is already set, I’ve caught up on my Netflix shows, emails are sent, texts are sent and I’m disconnected for the night (unless there’s an emergency of course).
It’s simple, might not be the first thing people want to read when looking to relax, but it honestly works.

2. Short Exercises

Going for a quick 15 minute walk (or more) can do wonders, if the weather does not permit then do some stretching with some quiet music, okay you can use Spotify for that and only that 😉
If you aren’t able to stretch for medical reasons and weather permitting, sit outside on your deck.
Just walking, ,sitting, or stretching can create a peaceful environment and can cause your brain to slow down and unwind.

3. Drink Tea

Make some tea, even if your not a huge tea lover like me, there are some natural tea’s that are amazing which I talk about in my article: Warm Up This Fall With These 5 Weight Loss Teas
I don’t love the taste of most tea’s, but some natural ingredients such as chamomile has natural ingredients to distress your body and cause you to get sleepy.
The taste has grown on me, it doesn’t contain caffeine, I don’t add sugar but it does relax me and it’s become a part of my nightly routine now.

4. Read

Reading even a chapter of an actual book (not on the kindle) or writing a couple pages in a journal can help sort out thoughts, focus, learn something and again, research shows that it can allow people to become sleepy.

5. Take Baths!!

For those that don’t have a bath, I’m really sorry as this won’t apply to you.
Last but certainly not least, this is the most calming thing I try and do every evening.
It’s not just a bath I’m talking about, it’s creating a spa like atmosphere that has done wonders for my anxiety and just helping me to simply relax!
I LOVE and am borderline obsessed with Epson salts like Dr Teal’s eucalyptus & spearmint epsom salts, 1.36 kilogram
eucalyptus has natural stress reducing ingredients, you can also try lavender scented salts which has similar effects, but a different scent of course!
I use bubble bath (of course) but not just any bubble bath, I buy life brand eucalyptus and peppermint scent bubble bath.
Eucalyptus is another scent proving to calm people. The two scents combine create a spa like smell, the bubbles are just an added bit of “bath luxury”.
I always light a candle or two to give off more smells and just create a dim lit environment.
I love my little “spa” evenings I can have right at home.


It sounds like a lot, but sitting and watching Netflix right before bed isn’t going to be relaxing.
It’s definitely nice after a long day to plunk down in slippers, a blanket and binge watch Netflix don’t get me wrong.
However, unwinding, distressing and relaxing are in a totally different category of relaxing.
These 5 things have helped me, even if I can’t do all 5, a few still help.
It’s healthy to have some alone time to gather your thoughts, get some fresh air, relax your muscles in a bath and smell the scent of tea.
Hopefully these handful of ideas are helpful!



Still having troubles sleeping? Here is an alternative to taking any sort of sleeping pill, it’s all an all natural scent filled with natural ingredients to promote quick sleep using scents such as Melatonin, Passionflower and Chamomile


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What helps you relax in the evenings?

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