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I did some quick research on habits that almost all successful people have.
By getting into the habit of these 5 things, you’ll clear the path for you to have a successful day!
Altering my morning habits slightly, even though I want to press snooze, put my head down and commence my work day,
getting into the habit of these really make a difference and they can for you too!

1. Wake up early.

Yes, that means you can no longer hit “snooze”.
Not being pressed for time and rushing out in the morning allows you to remember everything at home, what you need to bring, what you need to do and can lower stress (I’ve found).

2. Have 15 minutes off social media.

Sit and think for a bit, focus on your day, what you need to do and gather your thoughts.
If you pray or meditate, whatever way helps you focus then do that!

3. Go for a walk or stretch

Even just standing outside or on a deck, getting fresh air can help you wake up and feel relaxed.
If you have time and can go for a walk, do!
Stretch if you don’t have time.
Get your body moving in even the smallest way and/or get some fresh air.

4. Plan out your day.

Write a list of what needs to get done that day yet be OK with things that don’t go as planned.
The list is a general plan, being OK if things don’t go as planned will also allow you to remain positive throughout the day.

5. Don’t rush & speed

As I mentioned in my first point, waking up before the alarm goes off gives you more time.
That way, you can actually take your time getting ready, thinking, maybe read something with your coffee and do a couple things you don’t normally have time for.

Tweaking your morning routine slightly can of set so many positive changes throughout your day!

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What can you do differently starting tomorrow morning?

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