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Bored of doing the same old diner and a movie date night?
Here are some unique date ideas, you’ll both enjoy guaranteed!

1. Short story game

Put some words in a hat containing adjectives, verbs, names etc.
for example: Bob, Cat, Ran, House, Crying, Mary.
Mix them up, then each pick 5 words each.
Write a short story using those words you picked.
It can be cute, funny or questionable depending on what words you use ;D

2. Make a meal together

Find a recipe, turn on some music and make something together.
Simple, but can be a ton of fun!

3. Paint

Buy cheap canvases from the dollar store and paint each other a picture with acrylic paint!

4. Play a video game together

It’s something fun to do and most men will enjoy this one.

5. Have a picnic

Go somewhere with nice grass, bring a basket, a bag or anything to hold a planned simple meal, sit and enjoy some food together outside.

6. Listen to a podcast together

That’s something new we tried last year and it was actually really fun.
We sat there with our tea and listened together. It gave us something to discuss, it was fun!

7. Eat fancy!

Go to a restaurant just to share a fancy desert.

8. Movie Marathon

Watch an entire movie serious. Make a comfy sitting spot with tons of blankets and pillows.
Get some popcorn, make drinks, turn all the lights off and enjoy!
If your stumped on movie ideas, I share my ultra movie marathon here

9. Drive in movie

Go to a drive in movie if you have one in your area, bring blankets and snacks!

10. Go snowshoeing

We live in Canada so there’s no shortage of snow, there are so many places that rent snowshoes and it’s actually really cheap to use for the day.
Pick somewhere, doesn’t have to be far and just experience walking through the snow differently.

11. Games night

Host a games night with friends or other couples, make some food, get some drinks and make a big evening out of it.
If you just want to have a games night between the two of you, I have some awesome games just for couples here.

12. Long walk

So simple, but go for a nice long walk together.

13. Old photos & videos!

Relive your childhood night. Bust out your old photos of videos of your childhood and renascences together.
This is actually so fun and emotional to do this activity with your significant other, also embarrassing, very.

14. Popsicle sticks

Put a bunch of these or other date ideas on a Popsicle stick in a jar. Pick one at random!

15. Have a bake off

Make some yummy desert, set a timer and see who can bake the best desert when the timer goes off. This could work also for diner as well.

16. Stargaze

Could seem cheesy or boring, but it’s actually really calming, whether it be on your deck, back of a truck or outside somewhere, it’s really calming to just gaze together.

17. Make a scrap book together

It doesn’t have to be expensive at all. Make an album together of memories, a trip or whatever is special to you both.

18. Take a scenic drive

Not just any drive though. One of my favorite things to do is to go “House gaze”. Drive to the most expensive area and “gaze” at all the beautiful homes!
We love doing this to play pretend if we ever owned a house like those, what we would do with the yard, how much it would cost,
what jobs people probably have to own it. It sounds silly, but it’s actually really fun to do, it’s motivating too!

19. Learn

Learn something new together either by a book or YouTube.

20. Rock Climb

Go rock climbing together, its actually pretty cheap to do a drop in!


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